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Tony, The Face behind TooTurntTony, Is Now A Social Media Sensation Exploring New Avenues

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Tony, The Face behind TooTurntTony, Is Now A Social Media Sensation Exploring New Avenues

January 29
06:34 2021
TooTurntTony became a famous TikTok star due to his comedic videos featuring his Nonnie, ducks, and Mom that bring a burst of laughter to everyone’s life.

Social networking has grown from a chatting source to a major outlet for companies, influencers, and advertisers to grow and interact with their audience. Significant numbers of younger adults, millennials, and middle-aged individuals make up a substantial majority of the global number of social media users. With its viral viral content and world class algorithm, eyes are glued to social media applications.

Over 1 billion users all around the globe use TikTok. TikTok, formerly known as, is a video streaming site for individuals to post videos demonstrating their creativity in short clips. Tiktok soared in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, and became a full blown competitor to the major social media platforms. Many regular folks have become TikTok stars since they introduce themselves as performers and develop their own brand with their engaged fans. Tiktok is currently so widely known that some influencers are being born purely on the TikTok platform. Among those, Tony, mostly recognized as TooTurntTony, is a well-established Michigan TikTok star known for his content with the ducks, his Nonnie, and his Mom. His combined audience between his social media platforms is beyond 6,000,000 fans, all of which have come in the last 12 months.

Working in NYC at a production company but always having a love for videos, Tony started posting on TikTok for fun in early 2020 after being home due to the pandemic. Within months, he had created an audience of several hundred thousand loyal followers as he was not a “standard” TikTok star. Now, along with a small team, social media is his full time job. No dancing or lip-sync on his channel – just pure family-oriented comedy.

Tony knows that his popularity rises with every new piece of content, so he always tries to make interesting content that brings laughter to followers around the world. His TikToks are not as typical as they are for other creators; nevertheless, his success remains strong due to top-notch videos. Every video is essentially its own glimpse into Tony’s life that is meant to be relatable yet comical with his millennial audience. Now he aims to transition his audience to his YouTube channel as YouTube provides a more in-depth look at his life compared to short TikTok videos. In the first week of creating YouTube videos, Tony obtained more than 40,000 subscribers and 150,000 views.

To help achieve the growth in new avenues, Tony has begun working with WME, William Morris Endeavor, where they will help in the areas of podcasting, partnerships, acting, modeling, television and new business ventures. Talent agencies like WME have expansive partnerships with brands and opportunities alike due to their large list of celebrity clients. Influencers born on TikTok like TooTurntTony are a new wave of creators for well established talent agencies like WME.

Tony has a website titled TooTurntTony which features signature sweatshirts, rings, necklaces, and many other merch products. New items are frequently added to the tooturnt line as merch is a major revenue generator for large digital creators. Tony’s website provides a greater look at everything merch related, as well as links to all the ways in which one can interact with the TooTurntTony brand.

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