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Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella Founder Uses Her Skincare Brand to Transform and Inspire Others

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Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella Founder Uses Her Skincare Brand to Transform and Inspire Others

February 03
17:39 2021
Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella Founder Uses Her Skincare Brand to Transform and Inspire Others

Much of today’s industry leaders began their successes with a single idea. Instead of allowing this potentially remarkable vision to idle away, these exceptional individuals transformed their notions into a path filled with brilliance, passion, and success. And although the journey is an assortment of difficulties, trials, doubts, and fears, those passionate enough are more than capable of climbing the pinnacles of triumphs no matter how difficult it may seem. As someone who persevered to turn her dreams into a reality, Maria Abreu, the esteemed founder of Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella, sheds light on how her idea became a successful venture through grit, resilience, passion, and dedication.

Widely recognized for her sterling reputation, Maria Abreu has made quite a buzz across the realms of health and wellness. As a co-owner of MedVital Wellness Center, it is a no-brainer how this rising mogul and skincare specialist became one of the most sought-after figures across the industry. Although the space is brimming with legends and highly talented individuals, Maria has managed to defy odds and stand out. And as she establishes herself in a particularly saturated industry, she continues to break barriers by creating Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella.

Empowered to make a difference for men and women around the world, Maria Abreu created Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella to catalyze change in the realms of health and skincare. It serves as an avenue where individuals can feel confident about their skin without the harsh effects of the synthetic formula. In other words, this skincare brand boasts colors that exude health and wellness through the use of natural and skin-loving ingredients.

Built with the pillars of vigor, authenticity, and inspiration, Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella takes pride in its ingredients that are carefully selected for its timeless skincare products. As a brand that is handcrafted to perfection, these products exude a certain magical quality that is scientifically proven to be safe and friendly to the skin. On top of that, the products are free from gluten, paraben, silicone, sulfate, and talc.

But aside from providing men and women with safe and natural products, Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella owes much of its promising milestones to its visionary purpose that ultimately drove them towards the summits of success. This skincare brand not only motivates individuals through the quality of its products but also emboldens them to become an inspiration to others. As a matter of fact, Innata Inspired was created when the founder was inspired by the strength of women around the world, particularly the charming Mrs. Mundo Latina USA 2020, Omayra Rodriguez. And because of the latter’s exemplary disposition, Maria wanted to emulate this captivating allure to her brand in order to stir others, the way Omayra inspired her. Thus, Innata Inspired bloomed into existence.

As no man is an island, Maria acknowledges the help others lend her at times. Her husband, Andry Santos, serves as an inspiration in her life, and of course, there’s the person on brand name itself. Omayra La Bella is a high-end supermodel, entrepreneur, mother, and wife. She worked very hard to achieve her dream, even though she put her career on pause to raise her three beautiful daughters. With her children all grown up, it is time for her to pursue her dreams, which Innata is part of.

With everything that the company has achieved, Maria Abreu and Omayra Rodriguez want to expand the company’s horizons and continue its mission of emboldening others across the globe. She also invites everyone to love their own and embrace their skin.

To know more about Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella, you may visit its Instagram page.

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