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Website Success Tools’ Monitoring Services Provide Stability and Availability of Websites

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Website Success Tools’ Monitoring Services Provide Stability and Availability of Websites

February 05
11:54 2021
In this day and age, the technologies that make websites function as they do are relatively stable and dependable. This means that when you click on a search result link to a website or access a website directly (such as manually typing a website name in your browser or clicking a bookmark), any of these actions will display the desired website nearly every time.

The operative word here is “nearly”. It is when a website becomes inaccessible because of issues with the web hosting server or the supporting networks. In these instances, users get the familiar “Page Can’t Be Displayed” error message or its latest iteration “Hmm, something went wrong.”

What users feel can be anything from mildly irritating to outright infuriating (depending on how the importance of the downed site). But imagine if an entire business, including sales, income, and profit, heavily depends on the consistent operations of a website? Downtimes become more than annoyances. They can threaten the existence of the business itself.

How often do service downtimes occur? Most web hosting service providers ensure uptime availability of at least 99.9%. It seems like an impressive figure. But considering the downtime probability in an entire year of service, the 0.1% difference can translate to an 8.76 hour-long website outage.

How bad is an 8 hour-long outage for a business? Experts calculate it in cost-per-minute, and the value depends on factors like the capital investment on the website, operational dependencies, and volume of website transactions. Smaller businesses will be on the lean side of losses from downtime. This is estimated at $900 cost per minute. Larger enterprises that have high data transactions stand to lose $17000 per minute of downtime. The average is somewhere between $7000 and $8000 per minute which may cost in lost productivity and income opportunity.

When multiplied, the cost-per-minute figure to the possibility of an 8-hour long outage, the seriousness of the situation becomes apparent. Big companies can lose millions of dollars to website outages. On the other hand, smaller companies – which by nature, do not have the financial heft to cushion significant losses – stand to lose everything even if their losses are just a fraction compared to those of larger companies.

How can businesses manage the real possibility of website downtimes? For one, going with a reliable web hosting service provider – such as those assuring 99.95% reliability or higher – reduces the long-term risk of outages. Regular website maintenance is also recommended to maintain the programming integrity of the website. But if downtime does happen, especially one that threatens to prolong into an outage, an early warning system is needed to alert business owners and system administrators of the event. This is what Website Success Tools’ Monitoring Services are for.

One of the Website Success Tools’ Monitoring Services is Uptime Monitoring. This is an online service that tests, monitors, and tracks website availability around the clock at small time intervals. The technology behind uptime monitoring is a bit complex as it involves a variety of automated connection tests that are executed from a handful of servers scattered all over the globe. Of course, the workings of the service are transparent to the business client. What is important is when service issues are detected, instant alerts (via email or SMS) are sent to the client and/or their IT Support.

Data analysis and reporting accuracy are critical here, and Website Success Tools’ Uptime Monitoring weeds out false positives from its gathered data. It only sends alerts when findings are serious enough. Additionally, thresholds for issue detection can be customized to the client’s liking.

What clients have with Uptime Monitoring is the ability to respond to downtime events instantly. It also arms them with data to help with troubleshooting. Having Uptime Monitoring shortens the duration of the outage. It minimizes the impact on business, and particularly, the customers.

Monitoring Services like Uptime Monitoring is inexpensive but highly effective monitoring and diagnostics that all website-based businesses should have. Website Success Tools makes it easy for everybody to maintain stable and available websites.

For more information about Website Success Tools’ other monitoring services, visit For questions and inquiries, please email [email protected].

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