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Author Fatima C. Oliver Empowering People Everywhere With Raw Conversations

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Author Fatima C. Oliver Empowering People Everywhere With Raw Conversations

February 15
22:37 2021
Oliver is opening up dialogue on abuse, heartbreak, childhood trauma, and the path she took to reclaim her life.

Author Fatima C. Oliver is looking to inspire and empower people everywhere with her books, interviews, and conversations which aim to open up dialogue on abuse, heartbreak, and childhood trauma. She is also openly sharing her life and the path she took to reclaim it after trauma.

Oliver says that she became convinced pain and family were one and the same when she was young. She experienced a long walk with anxiety and depression due to trauma, the loss of a child, abandonment issues, and bad decision making. Eventually, she was able to walk with God and discover her passions and become fulfilled.

As a strong believer in paying it forward, Oliver wants to help others in her same situation break through and live a fulfilled life despite their pasts. Oliver says that people are as sick as their secrets, and God cannot heal what isn’t revealed. It can become instinct to avoid situations and thoughts, but if people don’t embrace the sadness, they can never embrace the joy that can come later. Many people also struggle with forgiveness, which can be more freeing for the person doing the forgiving than anyone else.

“Forgiveness is an evolving process but necessary if we want healing,” said Oliver. “Not forgetting what we experienced. But releasing the pain associated with the events, that have imprisoned us for so long. We simply cannot live an authentic life without this step.”

Oliver recently debuted her latest book, ‘The Prescription Is In The Dirt’. This book is a reflection of the winding 45 year journey Oliver took to realize that God loved her and had given her many blessings. So far, ‘The Prescription Is In The Dirt’ has received a perfect rating with customer feedback. One reader said, “This book was beautifully written and leaves me waiting for part two. There’s a lot that’s learned about the author, but honestly a lot to look at within myself.”

Oliver is humbled to share her testimony with others through ‘The Prescription Is In The Dirt’. “For years, I sacrificed myself for intermittent moments of happiness,” said Oliver. “But I lost whatever joy I had in the process. I didn’t realize I was already essential to so many people.”

‘The Prescription Is In The Dirt’ is now available in Kindle and paperback version on Amazon. More information can be found at

About Fatima C. Oliver

Fatima C. Oliver is an author, wife, and mother whose faith guides her every day.

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