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Progressive Medical Center Offers Weight Therapy Is Available in Atlanta, GA

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Progressive Medical Center Offers Weight Therapy Is Available in Atlanta, GA

February 17
05:52 2021
Progressive Medical Center Offers Weight Therapy Is Available in Atlanta, GA

Every year a large number of people vow to lose weight and get healthy. These people pick a fad diet and do their best to stick to it. Unfortunately, even with a lot of effort, many people are unsuccessful at meeting their weight loss goals. People who put in the effort but don’t get results should look into medical weight loss therapy programs.

The Difference Between Fad Diet and Medically Supervised Weight Loss Therapies

What’s so special about weight loss programs that are medically supervised? These programs are based on science and skip over all of the unhealthy fad diet trends. Learn more about the many differences at or continue reading.

Fad diets typically are not backed by science, there is no research involved, and they can be unhealthy. The weight loss program at Progressive Medical Center is the complete opposite of a fad diet. This weight loss program uses the following:

  • Biogenetically guided hormone replacement

  • Science-backed genetic testing

  • Laser treatments to shrink fat cells

  • Vitamin injections

  • Personal fitness sessions

  • Personalized nutritional planning

  • Infrared sauna sessions

Looking at the Person as a Whole

Scientifically based and medically supervised weight loss programs are not one size fits all. A team of board-certified physicians will all work together to analyze the person’s science-based health needs and formulate a personalized plan for the patient. Instead of calories being the main focus of the diet, all aspects of the person’s health and lifestyle will be considered.

The entire person will be treated, not just their weight issue. The big goal will be to get the person as healthy as possible so that their body can do what it needs to let go of the weight it has been holding on to. Often, an overweight person may have underlying health conditions that work against the person when they try to lose weight.

How do the doctors do this? One can learn more at The patient’s health and DNA will be analyzed. With those results, the physicians, nutritionists, and sports therapists will create a personalized food plan for the person, a fitness plan, a vitamin regimen, and more. No two people will have the same exact plan, as the team uses science and the patient’s DNA to create a plan just for them.

Keep Your Safety and Health in Mind

Weight loss therapies from licensed medical centers are safer than fad diets. They are backed by science, doctors supervise the person’s health throughout the entire journey, and the programs help people lose weight who were never able to do so on their own. These programs often have a gentler take on weight loss, as they treat the entire person as a whole and don’t just focus straight on losing weight over everything else.

Progressive Medical Center is made up of a team of board-certified physicians who have been trained in functional and natural medicine. Since 1998, Progressive Medical Center has been working with patients in and around Atlanta, GA, to improve their health, lose weight, improve allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and digestive disorders while also treating hormonal imbalances and more.

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