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Tyneisha Ternent on the Development of Ty the Poetess and the Publication Debut of Bearing Fruit

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Tyneisha Ternent on the Development of Ty the Poetess and the Publication Debut of Bearing Fruit

February 17
21:55 2021
Tyneisha Ternent on the Development of Ty the Poetess and the Publication Debut of Bearing Fruit

Celebrities have a way of influencing people, whether it’s their careers or their other ventures. For a young Tyneisha Shanelle Ternent, the likes of Beyoncé and Alicia Keys played a role in her love for writing songs, poetry, and practically anything that could allow her to express herself through writing. The passion would help her get through the worst parts of life, and she eventually decided to take a leap and publish her works as Ty the Poetess.

Ty uses her writing gift to create a safe space for women and people struggling with their mental health issues who are looking for motivation. Her inspiration for writing came from several horrible past experiences. Now that she is older, wiser, and a mom, Ty uses her works to shape a better future for others going through similar ordeals or are set on the same path.

Recently, Ty became a mother, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Having gone through some troublesome experiences, she refuses to have her daughter feel less than she is. Ty has resolved to do everything she can to make her feel special and give her all the things she never had growing up. Like any mother, the poetess wants to gain financial freedom and leave a legacy her daughter can be proud of.

It was during her pregnancy that Ty found the motivation to build her brand as a poet. With plenty of notebooks filled with songs and poetry, she found the courage to start an Instagram business page before creating one on Facebook. She made her debut with the poetry book titled Bearing Fruit, a collection that describes pregnancy.

Bearing Fruit is a collaboration between Tyneisha and her husband, who came on board for the book’s illustrations. Bearing Fruit is a poetry book dedicated to their daughter and describes the highs and lows of creating a whole baby. Since its launch in November 2020, the book has become a bestseller.

She designed her brand to revolve around writing. When she isn’t busy creating poetry, Ty works as a film writer, a spoken word artist, and creates content for special occasion cards. Ty the Poetess is a black-owned business that encourages others to support locally-owned businesses and provide high-quality writing services to customers, whether they’re local or international. Tyneisha wanted to create a successful business that could be handed down to her daughter and the generations after.

Following Bearing Fruit’s success, Tyneisha Ternent is excited for the future as she sees herself publishing more books and having a steady clientele for her writing service business. She already has plans to tour around the country, doing spoken word shows and speaking at events. Additionally, Ty foresees collaborations with well-known influencers to create exciting content.

To learn more about Tyneisha Shanelle Ternent, you may visit her website. Her works can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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