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Don’t Get Boxed In With House Or Office Moves

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Don’t Get Boxed In With House Or Office Moves

February 18
13:38 2021

Buying boxes is one of those irritating things during each house move or office move project. This important job is often left until the last minute, it is difficult to source the right shape and size of boxes, or the costs are high.

Even once friends, family and neighbours have been exhausted for every type of box they have and after people have collected boxes for months on end from home deliveries, it is rare to have enough. And even then, many boxes are substandard, or do not survive their original trip and being unpacked. This is especially true with large but thin boxes people bring home from the grocery store.

It is possible to source boxes on the free or cheap, but with everything else to organize during a stressful move, boxes can be the last thing on peoples’ minds. But on the day of the move when it comes to actually packing precious and valuable goods into flimsy boxes, the strategy does not look quite so sound.

For one, trying to fit clothes into standard boxes can be a nightmare, and it is amazing how quickly the space fills up and reaches capacity. There are also practicalities to consider, and inadvertently using boxes to transport clothing that have previously been used to store food or spices may result in lingering aromas or oil stains on the garments.

A spokesman from Ontario Container Transport had this to say about his firm’s experience with boxes. “Boxes and packaging are one of those things that annoy everyone when they are making a move. In an already stressful and expensive time, boxes are seen by many people as a corner that can be cut, and they try to source their own. This can be fine for small, lighter and non-valuable household items. But anything valuable, heavy or large can quickly lead to breakage or damage in the wrong kind of box”.

“Sadly we’ve seen it all with removals. The bottom falling out of boxes full of dinner plates, valuable ornaments inadequately packed that don’t make it to their new home in one piece, and clothes needing at the very least a complete wash and iron after being screwed up in a box that wasn’t fit for purpose”.

Pictures and mirrors are another problematic item with DIY boxes that simply aren’t up to the job. The awkward shape and size of these items coupled with their fragility means that anything but specialized boxes are likely to end in tears.

“Pictures and mirrors are almost certainly the most common breakage we see,” continued the Ontario Container Transport spokesman. “Our moving team see badly packaged paintings and previous framed photos almost every week that are packaged in thin, recycled boxes and marked ‘fragile’. While our team take expert care at all times, proper packaging protects against every eventuality and with a small amount of effort our customers can guarantee safe passage of some of their most treasured items”.

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Ontario Container Transport is a Woodbridge, ON-based logistics and transportation company specializing in freight shipping services. With a friendly approach and comprehensive shipping, removals and storage solutions for domestic and commercial moves, OCT is a one-stop shop for all transportation needs in Ontario and further afield.

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