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Author Leslie Reyes Teaches the Boundlessness of Love in Her New Book – Sock World: A New Home

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Author Leslie Reyes Teaches the Boundlessness of Love in Her New Book – Sock World: A New Home

February 18
20:12 2021
HR professional and passionate writer, Leslie Reyes, releases a new book titled “Sock World: A New Home,” where she chronicles the story of two sisters and the series of events following their separation. Proceeds go to Homeless.

Leslie Reyes recently released a new book titled Sock World: A New Home, a book about two sisters and their ordeal after they got separated. The author aims to teach readers that being different from others is not necessarily a bad thing while also touching on the concept of love and its boundless nature.

The story takes readers on the journey of the two sisters, detailing the feeling of loss and how one of the pair goes on a journey to find her sister while the other just wants to be free. The compelling story teaches readers that the concept of home is in the mind and how the zeal to learn can take people to unexpected places as well as the sacrifices made in pleasing others.

“Purchased this for my nephew who really enjoyed it!!! I loved the message, it was well written, understandable, and fun,” said Apelila Honey.

“AMAZING!! This book is so unique!! Teaches a very valuable lesson! … Highly recommend,” said NJguy.

In line with her goal of helping to make the world a better place for all, Leslie is donating sales proceeds of the book to purchasing socks for the homeless. Since many don’t have shoes, socks take quite the toll, wearing out quickly. They wear out faster than any other article of clothing and are the #1 clothing item needed and least donated for the homeless. She is looking to alleviate the suffering of the homeless who walk several miles every day on their feet.

The Paperbook and eBook versions of Sock World: A New Home is currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe. The story also continues across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Author’s Interview:

About Leslie Reyes

Leslie Reyes is a New Jersey native and an HR professional who has a passion for stories. She daydreams often, loves writing poetry, and hopes that kindness will shift the world. She describes her daughter, Bella, as her biggest achievement even as she continues to hope that in another world, she will one day reunite with her brother who she lost.

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