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Alternet Systems Shares Rally As RevoltTOKEN ICO Nears; Token Is Expected To Offer $100 Million In Financing

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Alternet Systems Shares Rally As RevoltTOKEN ICO Nears; Token Is Expected To Offer $100 Million In Financing

February 22
07:10 2021

Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) shares are back in rally mode following an announcement that its confirmed finance partner, RevoltTOKEN, is nearing its planned ICO. The token is expected to provide upwards of $100 million in financing to the company. 

In an update published last week, RevoltTOKEN CEO Mr. Henryk Dabrowski told shareholders that the token launch is expected to be partitioned on the Ethereum Blockchain and brought to market within the next two weeks. Important to ALYI, he reiterated that the funds generated from its ICO are intended to fund the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem’s growth and expansion.

The RevoltTOKEN is designed as a utility token to represent participation and accelerate growth in the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem. With the launch now imminent, ALYI could soon be financed to expand multiple initiatives to solidify its position in targeted markets. Specifically, it could quickly extend the company’s reach into its first focus market, the African boda-boda motorcycle taxi market, and accelerate production of its ReVolt EV motorcycle. That bike has been getting rave reviews from industry publications.

And there are more pieces to this emerging EV company that is attracting attention.  

Following An EV Bull Market

The rally in Alternet Systems is a part of the sector-wide EV bull market. And ALYI’s expanding presence within the African ride-share market is helping the stock earn momentum compared to other micro-cap companies still trying to find a niche. 

In fact, Alternet Systems is blazing its own trail and is keeping investors informed of its substantial progress made to get its ReVolt EV bike to market. Markets are particularly interested in the company’s comprehensive business plan and strategy that goes far beyond being only an EV motorcycle manufacturer. It’s a plan to create an entire EV ecosystem, positioning ALYI to capitalize on multiple sector opportunities in a simultaneous fashion. Included in that ecosystem is the planned ICO of RevoltTOKEN, a digital currency expected to contribute upwards of $100 million in capital to fund future operations. 

Undoubtedly, RevoltTOKEN can fundamentally change ALYI overnight. But, understanding exactly how its value is beneficial to ALYI takes a broader understanding of the entire company. 

Creating An EV Ecosystem 

Earlier this month, ALYI published a multimedia presentation that detailed its plans to create and implement a comprehensive EV ecosystem to target multiple sub-markets in the billion-dollar sector. Perhaps most important to the video was that it eliminated the notion that ALYI is a one-dimensional company. Instead, it showed that while its ReVolt EV motorcycle may be its flagship product, the company is far more extensive than many realize. Shares traded sharply higher after its syndication. 

Investors appeared to react favorably to knowing that ALYI could likely become profitable with just its EV motorbikes. But, they are also encouraged by ALYI’s plans to monetize battery design, EV power stations, alternative vehicle design, and technical and mechanical support services. Combined, they are planning to attack the entire sector with innovative products and services that could drive shareholder value substantially higher in the coming quarters. Incidentally, its ReVolt bike production is expected to begin in July of this year to meet an initial order of 2000 units. If the timeline stays on schedule, it puts a revenue-generating catalyst within striking distance.

Clearly, some investors are more than willing to get ahead of the trade. For those that do, they are banking on ALYI’s expertise to monetize multiple opportunities through a diversified revenue-generating strategy. ALYI refers to what they are doing as a democratization of the EV industry, and it’s a concept ALYI is embracing.

Video Link:

Democratization Of The EV Industry

Although there are different interpretations of the word, ALYI’s democratization of the EV industry means the company is committed to creating an electric-vehicle ecosystem that will continuously introduce new electric vehicles, build supporting technology, and provide infrastructure components necessary to keep electric vehicle transportation moving. More specifically, democratization is an essential part of its comprehensive plan that targets every aspect of the emerging EV market. And it’s a focus that extends to electric vehicles designed to work on land, sea, or air.

The great news is that ALYI is already on the fast-track to creating value. Beyond the ReVolt production, they create accretive partnerships and working relationships to accelerate its positioning into the African ride-share markets. In particular, they are making deals and organizing events specific to the massive African boda-boda (taxi) market that needs innovative, cost-effective solutions to manage the surge in demand for public and private transportation. 

A big step toward building its ecosystem came when ALYI announced a deal with iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST). That deal serves as an example of how ALYI can assemble the pieces and create partnerships that extend beyond just their personal gain. IQST, for instance, brings enormous value to ALYI and contributes to building the strength of a broader EV market. And ALYI is making those introductions.

Moreover, by assembling the right teams in the right places, ALYI helps create a better market for everyone involved and become the prime beneficiary to accelerate its own mission to penetrate the sub-market opportunities inside the vast overall market. A big part of what they are doing with IQST, for instance, can have a significant trickle-down effect. ALYI could very well benefit from that as well. 

Enormous Value From iQSTEL Partnership 

ALYI also is planning to capitalize on IQST’s patented battery technologies portfolio. There, they can bring together other players and create new opportunities. Thus, beyond working with MODUS on the battery technology specific to the ReVolt, ALYI is tapping into the expertise inherent to iQSTEL to build a custom, proprietary long-range EV battery solution. What’s interesting about that project, and perhaps to an entire industry, is that the iQSTEL partnership concentrates its EV battery development efforts on HD Thin Film Lithium Battery technologies. They are taking innovation a step further as well. 

ALYI also announced advancing research and development programs to develop new battery technologies using hemp and nanomaterial-based batteries. It’s an effort that is turning heads in the sector, especially with hemp earning recognition for its potential use in various industrial products. And as mentioned, sometimes having developed the idea can be as valuable to a small company as bringing it to market. Licensing, partnerships, or a sale of the asset can also create tremendous value and reduce long-term development risk. Thus, if ALYI and its partners can earn patentable claims to its technologies, they could reap the rewards before taking the product past the initial development stages. 

Another project with IQST that could have a far-reaching impact is its co-develop efforts to build a viable communications platform specific to EV markets. That plan is in action, and the two are accelerating plans to develop a two-way device communication platform for its ReVolt motorcycle and future electric vehicles. The project leverages IQST’s expertise in the sector by implementing software and communications technology that integrates geolocation, battery management, theft and accident interfacing with EMS, and remote maintenance management. Its design goes even further by supporting vehicle body and component leasing management, driver and passenger personal mobile interface, and a ride-share interface that can benefit an expanding market. The best news is that the technology will be a seamless integration for ALYI that help them build and maintain competitive advantages. 

An EV Symposium That Can Be Huge

A final thing to touch on is the company’s plans to develop and sponsor an Electric Vehicle Symposium. While investors may envision the event as an auto show, ALYI expects it to be one of the most influential EV shows ever produced. And not only will it feature ALYI products and services, but it could also help ALYI network into global partnerships and become the most critical marketing tool in ALYI’s arsenal. Moreover, beyond the expectation that the symposium will become the largest EV event in the world that will attract millions of spectators and participants, it’s likely to become an annual event that serves as the epicenter of the EV world. 

Moreover, by instilling itself in the markets, ALYI may find more amenable access to licensing, imports and exports, currency exchange, international shipments, and work permits. Other barriers to entry could also be hurdled include sales and manufacturing permits and company and subsidiary registrations. Thus, the symposium must be evaluated as a massive value-creating event. Investors may be totally missing the point on that initiative.

The same may be said for RevoltTOKEN. 

RevoltTOKEN ICO Planned

Another underappreciated “partner” to ALYI is RevoltTOKEN. In fact, it’s expected that after its planned ICO, RevoltTOKEN will change the company’s trajectory overnight by making investment and development capital readily available to fund operations. And if the project stays on course, RevoltTOKEN will be more than just its financing partner; it will be its ecosystem collaborator.

Investors already in ALYI know that RevoltTOKEN has already provided vital funding to advance its business plan to its current stage. The goal is for the token to provide the substantial funding needed to position ALYI as a market leader in the African boda-boda markets. More importantly, it will allow the company to penetrate the multiple markets identified within its ecosystem simultaneously. 

ALYI management says that RevoltTOKEN will “democratize the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem” and serve as the dedicated cryptocurrency that facilitates an interest in its EV ecosystem. As noted, after a successful ICO, RevoltTOKEN intends to provide upwards of $100 million in investment capital to electrify ALYI’s growth. Those investments could accelerate expansion, effectuate production economies of scale, and create a compelling and aggressive marketing campaign to introduce the world to ReVolt EV and Alternet Solutions.

Clearly, ALYI is on the move. And while the “Ecosystem” presentation showed many parts to the ALYI plan, it also demonstrated how each piece works together to create an infrastructure that contributes to a common goal. At the end of the day, this emerging micro-cap company may be best positioned to exploit multiple revenue-generating opportunities quicker than high-dollar competitors. 

And when adding in its partnerships, its broad-based (but manageable) business plan and its ability to get things done, the answer to how ALYI rallied 1200% gets answered- some investors were paying attention.


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