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Scout Announces Ways Software Can Help Companies Win the e-Commerce Gold Rush

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Scout Announces Ways Software Can Help Companies Win the e-Commerce Gold Rush

February 27
07:57 2021
Scout Announces Ways Software Can Help Companies Win the e-Commerce Gold Rush
Scout, Inc., a Franklin, TN-based inventory control company, recently revealed to the public how using a useful software program is the best way to manage inventory in this fast-paced e-commerce shipping environment.

Franklin, TN – February 27, 2021 – Franklin TN software developer, Scout, Inc., has publicly shared how the appropriate software program can help e-Commerce companies thrive in today’s cut-throat selling environment.

Due to the phenomenal growth of e-Commerce, Scout reports that strict inventory management is the only way for companies to compete in the e-Commerce gold rush going on right now. With the right software, companies can flourish.

Scout recognizes that businesses can fail if they can ship the right product at the right time. The only way a company can do that is if they have their inventory tightly under control.

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The Old Days of Spreadsheets Are Gone 

If companies have to deal with excel spreadsheets to handle their inventory, there are hundreds of ways to introduce errors. Human beings enter the data in spreadsheets. Humans make mistakes.

Next, formulas in cells in spreadsheets are prone to break down or be based on faulty reasoning. There is nothing more dangerous to a business than producing a report based on a wrong formula. 

Many bad decisions could be based on that report. The business could promise to ship thousands of units when they only have three in stock.  

It takes a particular kind of software system to ensure that an e-Commerce business has the exact right number of units on hand. If a company has too much inventory in stock, the valuable company funds might need to tie up elsewhere. If it has too little, of course, the order goes unfilled. The goal in e-Commerce is to have just strictly what is required at precisely the right time.  

Remote Management

An e-Commerce seller needs to know what is going on at their warehouse at any time. With the right inventory management software tool, business owners can use their smartphones anywhere to check inventory levels.  

When a company has several warehouses, it is essential to know which warehouse has enough inventory to ship an order. The software needs to show inventory levels at each location, so an e-Commerce seller never has to disappoint a buyer.

It is for these reasons that Scout Software recommends an inventory software tool called TopShelf. This kind of software is the wave of the future. 

This tool has been developed to be entirely used in the cloud. Scout notes that an e-Commerce seller can access his or her inventory anywhere there is an internet connection and make snap decisions. Real-time alerts can be sent to a phone when a product is running low. It can integrate the software into the company accounting system to streamline billing.  

About Scout, Inc.

Owner and CEO Eric Luoma founded Scout, Inc. in 2002. Scout specializes in developing cloud-based software for supply chain management. Scout is best known for its cutting-edge inventory tools.

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