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How COVID-19 Has Affected High School Football For Saket Pramod & Many Other Players

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How COVID-19 Has Affected High School Football For Saket Pramod & Many Other Players

March 03
08:51 2021
How COVID-19 Has Affected High School Football For Saket Pramod & Many Other Players

When a high school student finally makes the football team they know all their hard work and efforts were worth it. Each player joins that team with the goal to take them to the top. Playing high school football can open the door to so many great opportunities for these students, including college scholarships and the chance to play for college teams.

The Rude Awakening of COVID-19

Over the past year, many people felt the negative effects that COVID-19 had on the economy. It felt like everything people enjoyed was getting shut down. Friends could no longer meet at local restaurants to catch up over dinner, family reunions were cancelled, and a lot of students attended class over video chats. COVID made everything different.

While many people thought students would be happy to sleep in and only see their teachers over video chats, the truth is this pandemic has been harder on them than anyone could have imagined. Many of the extracurricular activities these students participate in help shape their futures. Now that there are limits in place on what students can attend, their opportunities are diminishing.

High school sports is one area that has been hit really hard by the pandemic. Every season counts for these students and their progression in the sport. Now that practices are being canceled and some parents aren’t allowing team members to attend, serious players are starting to worry about their future.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Saket Pramod’s Football Season

This year is Saket Pramod’s sophomore season on his high school football team. While this was supposed to be his year for growth, he has noticed things just aren’t the same for his team. There used to be so many fun components of a high school football team, like the crowd going wild and the band playing their jams, but this year has none of that.

The players on Saket’s team can’t help but feel discouraged by this turn of events. Even though things feel very negative, Saket still makes the best of every opportunity he gets on the field. His goal is to play for a college football team and he’s not going to let the pandemic ruin that for him. He is still training endlessly and trying to get in contact with college coaches.

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