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Blazing the Path: How CareerPath Global is Radically Altering The Way Individuals Build Careers

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Blazing the Path: How CareerPath Global is Radically Altering The Way Individuals Build Careers

March 11
13:09 2021

Nicole Rand, and her international team of experts, are changing the job-search game for millennials. Her business, CareerPath Global, is creating an innovative way for people who feel stuck on the hamster-wheel of uninspiring jobs to connect with career-field experts. This tiered membership-based group delivers direct access to recruiters, HR personnel, and career coaches with the goal of providing members with a direct audience to people who are influential in the fields they are passionate about. Nicole believes that this approach will help those stuck in “career purgatory” by bypassing the obstacles of searching for jobs online and get straight to authentic, human interaction that will lead to real, exciting opportunities. 

Members can pick the “path” or tier that best suits their current career needs.  Paying a nominal fee will grant the member access to a wealth of knowledge. This passion project is a roundtable of ideas and connections that transcends the typical job search. It is created to be ever expanding as more members and experts join the collaboration. 

When asked what she is most proud of, Nicole said without hesitation that it is “the people who have stepped up to work on this with me.” The “Path Experts” are made up of highly educated, powerful, and influential innovators from all over the globe, most of whom can relate to the woes of modern-day career building. CareerPath Global allows members to access the expertise and network of these prominent professionals while removing the restrictions that usually accompany such opportunities. 

CareerPath Global came to exist after Nicole fell victim to COVID layoffs.  Working in HR and recruiting for four years, she found herself questioning how she could reach her full potential. “Most millennials were told to go get a degree, get an amazing job, and have a financially secure future. We went and did all those things, and that did not come to pass,” she explains, describing the challenges that she and the majority of 26-40 year olds have faced since entering the job market. 

Nicole started writing resumes and connecting with people that could relate, and an idea was born: what if there was one place for people in her position to access resources, network with influential leaders in their fields, and connect personal passions with real career opportunities? Using the presence she had built on LinkedIn, Nicole put her idea out to the world of professionals and was blown away by the positive response she got from people willing to help her build on this dream. Now, less than a year later, CareerPath Global is that one-stop shop of inspiration. 

Nicole firmly believes that “business is the antithesis of ‘I’,” and that the cooperative nature of the career world should begin at the hiring level.  She hopes this will encourage job seekers to join CareerPath Global. No more hope-filled resumes sent into the void, no more dead-end, lackluster jobs. Nicole and her team of experts are ready to close the distance between passion and success, and you are invited to blaze your trail with them. 

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