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Life Sauce Founder Dr. Christy Wise Can Take a Person From Breakup to Breakthrough

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Life Sauce Founder Dr. Christy Wise Can Take a Person From Breakup to Breakthrough

March 12
04:36 2021
Life Sauce Founder Dr. Christy Wise Can Take a Person From Breakup to Breakthrough

Dr. Christy Wise is a change-maker. Her esteemed career as a clinical psychologist segued into what is now a thriving, life-giving system of support for individuals and couples all over the country. She herself typifies the power of mindset and self-acceptance, even in the face of adversity.


After finishing her doctorate in psychology with a medical emphasis, she immediately moved into the male dominated world of oncology. Her drive to make a statement for women kept her in forensic psychology. She spent time doing child custody evaluations and forensic work.

In this field, she would regularly counsel couples and be approached for help with relationships.

“These people kept coming to me for help with their relationships. The work with sex and intimacy and relationships kind of found me. I wanted to do something that sounded more intellectual but my practice kept filling up with couples and intimacy issues and relationships.”

The Power of Relationships

It was relationships across the board that were an emerging theme in her early work and that set the trajectory for the rest of her career.

“The relationship that we have with our work partners and with our families: these are everything. Relationships are part of everything that we do.”

After 25 years of an established and esteemed career as a specialist, Dr. Christy suffered an acute personal loss. Betrayed by a business partner, her own close relationships were compromised and her work put at risk.

In this season, she stepped away from her private practice. This time of healing and self-evolution reset her approach to work and equipped her with a fresh perspective on what it means to be well.

After these reflections, her mission became even more clear. She launched a fresh venture that continues to be an important part of her work.

Life Sauce

Life Sauce is a key way that Dr. Christy now pours all of her experience and expertise into people’s lives. In short, she uses a myriad of resources and one-on-one counseling to help people find and forge their own paths.

“My desire to make a massive impact has never changed. Everything I’ve done has been to figure out how my time on earth is meaningful in some way. It’s our responsibility to think big and to make a difference. That’s why I opened up Life Sauce.”

The work that Dr. Christy does with couples and my clients is about really getting to own their humanity.

“We aren’t taught that the things that we hate about ourselves are actually our superpowers.”

She uses the example of Oprah Winfrey, whose flaws made her one of the most powerful women in the country. As soon as people stop denying their flaws, even if they’re not totally comfortable, it will be magnetic.

“Life Sauce is about letting yourself surrender a little bit and letting your partner see you for who you really are.”

Life Sauce courses aren’t topical treatment for deep-set wounds. Rather, participants get to the root of ideas like self-love, diving beyond the surface and uncovering core challenges and beliefs.

Because of her own personal experiences, Dr. Christy focuses on the reality of life and pain and how incredibly capable each individual is of overcoming and living life to the fullest. 


Dr. Christy offers one-on-one coaching for clients. She maintains a coaching license and enjoys the unique freedom that coaching relationships allow for:

“In my coaching practice, I can do things in my practice that I would never do as a psychologist. For instance, I have one guy who was newly divorced and terrified of women. We would go to a bar and practice how to flirt with women. I could help him because I was right there and could see where he was messing up. Coaching takes off some of the restrictions.”

Making a Difference

Dr. Christy’s ongoing commitment to transformation for her clients is inexhaustible. Asked to state her ideal outcome for clients, she explains that it’s the little triumphs.

Dr. Christy uses the illustration of one client in her eighties who had never climaxed. Working with Dr. Christy both on the physical and social components of pursuing this, the woman was able to have a new experience, which for her was identity affirming in monumental ways.

“Those little moments knowing that my clients can live the rest of their lives being who they want to be, giving themselves that permission, is what makes it worth it.”

Try Something New

Dr. Christy’s work invites people to try new tools and to test new mindsets. Most people live with limiting beliefs, never questioning whether their thoughts are correct or helpful.

The message is that it’s not about identifying what in one’s life is wrong; it’s about finding new tools that help them fashion a better future.

“It’s not that things are wrong. It’s that they could be more right: they could be better and healthier and sexier. Once people break through, they’ll never go back.”

Dr. Christy Wise is a woman who has made it her life’s work to help people have breakthroughs that change their lives for the better.

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