Dr. Markey W. Pierre Launches ‘From Markey’s Heart’ to Empower Women

Dr. Markey W. Pierre Launches ‘From Markey’s Heart’ to Empower Women

Many women everywhere face various challenges, including discrimination at work, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and negative self-talk. Yet, amidst all the trials and circumstances women have to endure, some hope to break the yoke of bondage and limitation and set women free from internal and external struggles. One such woman is a highly celebrated speaker and thought leader Dr. Markey W. Pierre. 

Recently, Dr. Markey launched a new blog site entitled From Markey’s Heart, a platform for her to share encouraging messages that would equip and empower women with the tools they need to battle their inner demons and the outside forces that keep them at bay. “The goal of the blog is to address the doubts and barriers associated with becoming successful in non-traditional settings for women of color,” shares Dr. Pierre. On top of the blog, the speaker, leader, and writer will also be releasing several self-help products and resources that will help women in areas such as confidence, success, perseverance, and goal-setting.

For the last thirteen years, Dr. Pierre has helped people from all walks of life in various capacities. She serves as the President and Managing Partner of Southern Strategy Group of North Louisiana, a full-service consulting firm that helps drive ideologies, public policies, and projects that benefit the general public. Her company has served various Fortune 500 corporations, government offices, school boards, trade associations, municipal entities, and many other sectors to drive social innovation and change. She has also started working as the Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff for the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Through this role, she hopes to push the organization to new heights and serve stakeholders and end beneficiaries. In addition, she pushes for various programs around K-12 and higher education, construction, health care, maritime law, and municipal government. 

Dr. Markey Pierre has thrived as a businesswoman, c-level executive, author, speaker, and professor for over twenty years now. She believes and pushes principles around leadership to young trailblazers in hopes that her legacy would live through her students.

Dr. Pierre has decades’ worth of success and expertise in various fields, but all she does leads back to one road— to empower others so that they, too, in turn, would empower others around them. She believes that people can solve many of society’s problems through education. More specifically, she has recently put a lot of work into empowering women of color. “I’ve met so many talented and qualified women of color that either shrink back and buy into the reasons they won’t get the job or opportunity,” shares Dr. Markey. “So many say there isn’t anyone that looks like me or they won’t hire me. They say all of this while having a deep desire for the position they never pursue.” Today, she looks to serve such women by continuing to provide coaching and training in various mediums. 

Through From Markey’s Heart, the writer and speaker aspires to enable women to enter the workforce by providing soft skills and life skills training that would pave the way for more women to thrive and succeed in the workforce. In addition, she hopes to continue inspiring women to dream bigger and aim for nothing less than the success they deserve. 

Learn more about Dr. Makey W. Pierre by visiting her website.

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