The Conflict Escalates Again… Who Can Save The Starving Refugees In The Ukraine Crisis?

  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2022

Save Ukraine DAO

Ukraine, which just celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence in 2021, was born on this land and experienced the huge trauma of Chernobyl. After the Crimea crisis of 2014, the young country remains at the forefront of the great power game. In 2020, Ukraine’s per capita GDP is only $0.37 million, about 35% of Russia’s. Due to the rapid devaluation of the currency, local prices continued to rise, and the living standards of residents were greatly affected.

No matter how the situation in Ukraine goes, when the war will break out, in any case, for the already fragile Ukrainian economy, it is obviously unbearable. Compared with the “war panic”, perhaps the “economic panic” is the bigger crisis facing Ukraine now. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly called on the outside world to “please strengthen our economy. Invest in our country and bring your business to life.” Come on. We want to live our own lives.” At a time when the conflict was escalating, Ukrainian President Zelensky even called on the United States and Canada to stop language sanctions, and asked for substantial economic help to help Ukraine through this crisis and help Ukraine with millions of refugees.

Save Ukraine DAO is the first to respond to support Ukraine

Ukraine is a cryptocurrency-friendly country. On February 17, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law to legalize cryptocurrencies, while Ukraine plans to open the cryptocurrency market to businesses and investors by 2022. Therefore, a group of anonymous faithful believers in the encrypted world established the Save Ukraine DAO project and donated most of the funds raised to Ukraine. Save Ukraine DAO hopes to use the power of cryptocurrency to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people in order to get out as soon as possible. The trauma of this war has helped more displaced Ukrainian people to return to normal life (Save Ukraine DAO has always remained neutral in the local conflict and will only fund NGOs and civil charities, and the funds raised are only used for help the Ukrainian people). At the same time, Save Ukraine DAO will become the first example of global cryptocurrency to provide peace assistance to war zones. It is the world’s first encrypted charity project, using encryption technology to contribute to the world, and it is also a preview of the future metaverse world. Cryptocurrencies bring wider reach.

The world’s first encrypted charity organization Save Ukraine DAO Help Action – Donate to innocent refugees in Ukraine

Save Ukraine DAO hopes to help more displaced Ukrainian people get back on track with their normal lives and bring a wider impact to cryptocurrencies through the project. Save Ukraine DAO is in a neutral position and does not represent any political position. The original intention of the project is for humanitarian peace assistance. Save Ukraine DAO decided to use donations to raise donations and issue UKR tokens in the first phase, raising a total of $600 million. In the second phase after raising funds, Save Ukraine DAO will send personnel to Ukraine, hand over funds to Ukrainian-related charities and NGOs, collect evidence, disclose it to the UKR community, welcome community supervision, and collect a large number of Evidence of donations and taking numerous live pictures of the local conflict. After completing the real world rescue section, Save Ukraine DAO will speed up rescue operations in the crypto world. In the third stage of the rescue, the UKR token was listed on decentralized exchanges and some centralized exchanges, the UKR Foundation was established, and the UKR Foundation was handed over to the responsible personnel of relevant Ukrainian charities for management. Subsequently, Save Ukraine DAO will launch the UKR NFT trading market and start NFT transaction mining. Staking UKR tokens will receive dividends from all NFT transaction fees, and will collect information about the local military conflict in Ukraine. The pictures are made into NFTs to promote peace in the local conflict in Ukraine, and trade with UKR tokens. At the same time, opensea will be launched, and the sales funds will be used to repurchase and destroy UKR. Later, the development of UKR Wallet, Ukraine Swap and the development of the UKR EVM side chain will help Ukraine enter the field of digital economy, open up a new economic growth curve, and realize digital transformation to get rid of the impact of this partial military conflict on Ukraine’s real economy and tourism.

How do participants donate?

Save Ukraine DAO will use donations to raise donation funds and issue UKR tokens. The organization accepts tokens to donate digital assets including: USDT, WBTC, ETH, SHIB (on the Ethereum chain) and USDT, WBTC, MATIC (on the Polygon chain) and USDT, BNB, ETH, CAKE (on the BSC chain) , Save Ukraine DAO is actively expanding more communities and reaching cooperation. It plans to raise a total of 600 million US dollars, of which 200 million US dollars will be donated to the local “Myrotvotrets Center” (Myrotvotrets Center), “Come Back Alive” (Come Back Alive), “Ukrainian Cyber Alliance” (Ukrainian Cyber Alliance), etc. For non-governmental organizations and private charities dedicated to bringing peace to Ukraine, when the total donation of a chain reaches 300 million US dollars, the donation will stop, which means that the final total issuance of UKR will be 6 billion, ETH and Polygon 3 billion each.

Donation: www.saveukrdao.live

economic model

Token name: UKR

Basic public chain: Ethereum & Polygon &BSC

Token Issuance: The supply of UKR will be determined by the total value of donated USD. The ratio of funds donated by users (equivalent to USDT) and the issuance of UKR is 1:10 (that is, for every 1 USDT of assets donated by users, 10 UKRs are issued).

Token Distribution: All UKR will be minted to donors. Other than that, no one comes and goes to distribute UKR tokens.

Use of donated funds: Save Ukraine DAO will directly donate 50% of the funds raised to Ukrainian charities; 25% will be permanently placed in the donation pool, and the private key will be destroyed, and users can redeem it at any time, thus ensuring that There is always a reserve price for UKR, that is, the reserve price is 0.025USDT/UKR. At the same time, the UKR returned by the user’s redemption will be permanently destroyed, creating a deflationary economic model. The remaining 25% is used to add liquidity and market cap maintenance and management.

Total donations: Ethereum & polygon & BSC are US$200 million respectively, with a total of US$600 million, of which half of the funds raised are donated to the local Red Cross in Ukraine and other NGOs and non-governmental charities dedicated to bringing peace to Ukraine.

What are the usage scenarios of URK tokens?

The usage scenario of UKR token: Raise funds to rescue the impact of Ukraine on the local military conflict, use it as the basic token to trade the NFT assets of this local military conflict in Ukraine, and airdrop NFT assets for UKR holders to become UKR Wallet’s basic assets, liquidity mining in UKR swap, and gas tokens as UKR sidechains.

Why join Save Ukraine DAO?

Donation depends entirely on your wishes. After donating, you can help Ukraine deal with the impact of the war, and you can get UKR tokens according to the donation amount. After the donation, you can receive 50% of the tokens at that time. After the donation, you You can claim the remaining 50% of the tokens. Donations end when ETH , polygon,BSC donations reach $200 million per chain. As for the future value of UKR, it is entirely up to the community, no one can decide.

Excitingly, supporters of the Save Ukraine DAO can also get additional benefits!

UKR tokens can raise funds to rescue Ukraine from the impact of the local conflict. And use it as the base token to trade the NFT assets in the Ukraine partial conflict. In addition, the NFT assets will be airdropped for UKR holders and become the base assets of UKR Wallet. In the future, liquidity mining will also be carried out in the UKR swap, and gas tokens will be used as the UKR side chain. The Save Ukraine DAO hopes to help those affected in Ukraine, while also bringing broader influence to the crypto community.

Special statement:

Save Ukraine DAO has always been neutral in local conflicts, only funding NGOs and private charities, only humanitarian aid for refugees, and the funds raised are only used to help the Ukrainian people.

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