Interview about MWC22: New 5G Calling will Help Operators Increase Revenue

Zhao Yue of Huawei proposed the idea of how to develop voice services.

Barcelona, Spain – During the MWC Barcelona 2022, Vincent Zhao, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network CS&IMS Domain. received an interview about new 5G voice services and offered his views on how to increase carriers’ revenue by developing voice services.

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Is it worth for operators continuing to invest in voice business in the future?

For sure, 20%-30% Operators’s revenue still coming out from voice services and they are raising the investment of voice core network such as VoLTE/VoNR. Two reasons, First is 5G driving. VoLTE is the only choice in 5G because subs cannot fallback to 2G/3G and opreators want to refarm spectrum.

Second reason is new video and multimedia service such as HD video calling, Video Ring back tone, Business Calling.

In most conturies according to analysis opeator’s investment on VoLTE technology is increasing more than 30%.

How will voice service develop in the future? And what opportunities will it bring to operators?

Huawei believe there will be more and more video and interactive communication servies in the future, improving user experience and creating new value. Meanwhile expand from consumer to business and home market. The first step operators can focus on developing video calling after building a VoLTE basic voice network. Compared with OTT, Operator video calls dont need to install APP and quality is better.

There is one case some operators release HD video calling services and put into service package, more than 10% subs enjoy the service and still increasing. It is really out of somebody imagination. The second step is to develop interactive call. Camera or screen sharing, AR can be performed during the calling. It can not only improve subs experience inconsumer market but also enables operators to expand the new business markets.

The application of hotline service and remote assistance will bring more efficiency and satisfaction to users, making operators to increase revenue.

How to interpret the IMS Data Channel white paper which released by GSMA?

5G new calling service is based on the IMS Data Channel technology. The release of white paper indicates that 5G new calling has acquired a formal and comprehensive definition by the industry standard.

The white paper defines Data Channel’s technical solutions, ecosystems, business scenarios, etc. Currently, multiple operators in AP and Europe have reached an agreement on Data Channel’s interactive business scenarios such as govement, banking, insurance and so on.

The release of the IMS Data Channel white paper has a positive impact in industry.

IMS Data Channel

Huawei’s practice of 5G new calling services is being carried out simultaneously and will release commercial solution in this year with strategy partner including operators and device vendors.

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