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Gluteboost plans to start series funding

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Gluteboost plans to start series funding

May 05
22:43 2022
Gluteboost’s corporate ambition is expanding to help catalyze aggressive growth opportunities

Gluteboost’s CEO, Susana Campanella, has big plans for the rest of 2022 and heading into 2023, as she is looking to carry out venture capitalists after being successfully bootstrapped since the beginning stages of the company. She says now is the time to really take Gluteboost to the next level, which is why they have now decided to start their search for institutional series funding.

“The fact that we want steeper slopes is congruent with our desire to make Gluteboost more available and known to all the women in the world that care for their curves. I actually find it ‘unfair’ not to do so!” Campanella added.

Ambition comes as second nature to Campanella who, before becoming the CEO of Gluteboost, a company founded on the science of beauty and bodyshaping, was a serial entrepreneur, where she learnt the building blocks of who she is as a CEO today. However, she stays humble and makes it very vocal that being the CEO of this beauty and health company is a continual learning pursuit.

“It’s about being surrounded by the right people—people that will build you up and help build your company up.” She insisted.

Campanella has worked in multiple industries from educational industries, through to insurance firms, property management to where she finds herself today: as head of a successful eCommerce health and beauty business.

Campanella has been able to use the skills acquired in a wide-range of industries to then implement her knowledge and know-how into the work that she does currently, along with her academic background in molecular biology.

“This is a collective effort, and I believe we have the right team to take Gluteboost, my baby, to the next level. And for that we need to institutionalize our financial efforts.” She commented.

Campanella says the number one motivation to continue to take Gluteboost to higher levels is the feedback they get from their customers. She shared how their customers love the products but also love the community that Gluteboost is developing and the lifestyle they are pushing—one that speaks of positive self-awareness, mental health, overall health, healthier eating, and a more empowered woman incited to do better for herself and the world that surrounds her.

Excitement is mounting as Gluteboost is also looking to continue expanding and widening their range of products and company assets by expanding into mergers and acquisitions in the coming months. Keep an eye out to find out more details soon.

You can explore more about Gluteboost’s products here.

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