New Brand Uncle Clarence BBQ Wins Smiles With Artisanal Blueberry BBQ Sauce

  • PublishedNovember 29, 2022
Uncle Clarence’s Blueberry BBQ Sauce combines sweet and tangy flavors from carefully selected natural ingredients.

Barbecues are a must-have for any family gathering. And one brand is quickly gaining a reputation for elevating barbecues and, at the same time, get-togethers with its unique Blueberry BBQ Sauce and Spice Rub Recipe. Uncle Clarence BBQ, a US-based family-owned spice and seasoning brand, offers time-honored family recipes and inventive flavors unlike any other. Its Blueberry BBQ sauce adds a nuanced sweetness and tanginess to traditional savory sauces, transforming classic barbecues into a five-star worthy dish.

While blueberries seem like an unusual addition to barbecue sauces, they offer a distinct taste profile, mild and sweet, that perfectly complements the smoky umami of grilled meat. The Blueberry BBQ Sauce highlights a perfectly balanced blend of all-natural ingredients, carefully selected for their quality, taste, and aroma.

The ingredient list is relatively simple, but Uncle Clarence’s BBQ Sauce excels in its simplicity and creative flavor combination. The brand believes in a minimalistic approach that combines transparency, authenticity, and genuine passion for great food.

The Blueberry BBQ Sauce is proudly made in the USA using locally sourced ingredients. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings, allergens, or dyes. The sauce is also gluten-free and manufactured following strict standards and safety protocols.

Beyond delicious seasonings and great recipes, Uncle Clarence BBQ emphasizes familial values as it is intricately woven into their brand. It pays homage to real people and genuine connections that shaped the brand to where it is today.

Through its products, Uncle Clarence BBQ aims to connect families and loved ones by creating memorable moments with food and tradition. As the team says, “We’re family, and so are you.”

Uncle Clarence’s Blueberry BBQ sauce is well-received by several consumers, and many are making it a permanent addition to their barbecue cookouts. Its rich and distinctive flavoring appeals to the modern palate, making it a coveted seasoning for barbecue lovers.

“Everyone has tasted BBQ, but this hits differently. It’s not only BBQ; it’s the sweetness of it! Melt in your mouth a delicious kind of taste! Once you eat it, you can’t go back to the other stuff.”

“The sauce is sweet and a little tangy, the flavor is unique and nothing like most BBQ sauces you buy on the shelf, and I love that it’s made with blueberries.”

Aside from the Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Uncle Clarence also offers bold and flavorful versatile spice rubs that work with all types of grilled, baked, or air-fried meat and selected vegetables.

Find more information here: http://www.uncleclarencebbq.com/.

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