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  • PublishedDecember 7, 2022
The Sampair Group is a Glendale, Arizona-based law firm committed to ensuring that families receive honest legal advice and representation in their moments of ups and downs. Its team of attorneys understands the barrage of emotions that comes with making important decisions within the family unit and takes pride in the ability to offer top-notch services to clients at an affordable fee.

For many young couples, nothing can compare to the unfettered joy of a union in matrimony and the euphoria of starting a family. But when the relationship suddenly turns awry, the depth of sorrow it brings can be devastating. 

No couples start a family with the intention of backing out of their “for better, for worse” vows. However, what unforeseen hands fate plays down the road is beyond either party’s control. The inability to settle differences can often cause the parties involved to go their separate ways. When faced with these circumstances, residents of Glendale, AZ, can rely on The Sampair Group – Family Law lawyers, experienced and competent in family law, for guidance through difficult times.

While the divorce rate in the U.S. has been declining over the last several decades, it is still among the top five nations in the world. Researchers have estimated that 41% of all first marriages in the U.S. end up in divorce or separation. And studies have shown that the five most common causes are financial issues, poor communication, a lack of intimacy, addictions, or infidelity. 

Whatever the cause, the process of going through a divorce or separation is complex and emotionally draining. It can lead to psychological breakdowns and deprives estranged couples of the opportunity to arrive at an amicable settlement. Whenever a relationship is not going as the parties involved desire, a neutral third party is critical in moderating the legal process and helping to chart an amicable course for the parties concerned. 

This is precisely where the knowledge and experience of the attorneys at The Sampair Group make a difference in finding the best resolution for all parties involved, both the parents and children.

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Legally, various options are available to couples wanting to discontinue their relationship. Separation is a natural first step for many spouses. Separated couples are still legally married in the eyes of the law but are allowed to live separate lives while remaining connected for the sake of their children, protecting insurance benefits, or because of religious persuasion. In the best-case scenario, the couple will someday get back together and return to being a happy family. 

While, in many cases, a separation is a prelude to a divorce, Arizona only requires a 60-day waiting period. Still, there are certain disadvantages to being the first party to file for one. Typically, the party initiating the divorce has to serve the spouse with a Complaint for divorce and will invariably pay a higher fee. But there are certain advantages as well. 

A wife filing for a divorce in Arizona is entitled to 50% of all community property and earnings, and in such cases, settling out of court may be the best recourse to arrive at an amicable settlement.

Undoubtedly, the process of separation and divorce comes with its baggage, and there are many considerations spouses have to make before making such a decision. The right law firm will certainly help its client avoid expensive and protracted litigation. The Sampair Group – Family Law Lawyers have the competence and experience to negotiate an amicable end to an otherwise trying episode.

About the Firm:

The Sampair Group is a law firm committed to helping residents of Glendale, Arizona with issues regarding family lawsuits. Its team of attorneys, including Patrick Sampair and Brandy Ramsay, has more than four decades of combined experience in the areas of divorce, domestic violence, and family law.

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