The Brief Basic Introduction about Cap Nuts

Cap nuts are also called cap nuts, its role is to control the external residue, water into the internal structure and cause leaching rust. In some industrial machinery, often select the cap nut as a bolt capping, so as to reduce the damage to the body of mechanical equipment, cap nuts used in where? The following we gives you an introduction.

Cover nuts are probably divided into two types: one is composed of hexagonal nuts and cover combination GB/T802.1, and the other is composed of cover and nuts welded by electric welding GB/T802.2. The difference in appearance and design between the two is not great, but there is also a big difference in the main use of performance.

GB/T802.1 combination cover nut itself is the composition of the two conditions, weak tensile strength, commonly used in small machines, electronic products and other pressure is not much life environment, the main function is human body protection and dustproof.

GB/T802.2 electric welding cover nut has strong pressure resistance and closer sealing, mostly used in large machinery to avoid the entry of external residue with water.


What are the applications of cap nuts?

1. Cap nuts and stainless steel hexagonal slotted nuts with cotter pins and bolts with holes are used to prevent the nuts from loosening and falling off when bearing vibration and alternating loads.

2. Cap nuts with inserts, inserts by tightening the nut tapped internal threads, can prevent loosening, good toughness.

3. Cover nuts are used for the same purpose as hexagonal nuts, characterized by the assembly and disassembly to trigger the main nut is not easy to run off, but can also be installed and disassembled with live wrenches, plum wrenches, dual-use wrenches. Mainly used for rough and simple parts.

4. Cap nuts can be used when the thread of the bolt end needs to be covered.

5. Cap nuts can be used for work.

6. Cap nuts and ring nuts are generally used when they can be disassembled and installed by hand, and are generally used in places where they have to be disassembled and installed frequently and where the bearing force is relatively small.

7. Cap nuts are mainly used for vehicles, tricycles, new energy electric vehicles and other vehicle tires, and can also be used to fix the base of street lights and industrial equipment that are often exposed to sunlight and rain.

8. Cap nuts are used with hexagonal nuts to have the effect of locking the hexagonal nuts, and the effect is better.

9. Cap nuts generally need surface treatment, including galvanization, nickel plating, chrome plating, Dacromet and other surface treatment processes to make them more rust-proof and extend the service life of fasteners.

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