Air Freight: What is Air Freight? How to Start And Why Choose Air Freight?

air freight

To ensure your product is shipped successfully, consider whether air freight shipping is the best option for you. However, be aware of all requirements, and avoid delays in your cargo. Keep proper documentation, and use an experienced freight forwarder agent.

This blog will guide you through everything about air freight service.

What is Air Freight?

Another name for air cargo is air freight, which refers to the delivery of products by air. You can use this gateway by commercial and passenger airlines depending on the volume and product type.

On the other hand, “air freight” refers to the cost of transporting products by air. The amount paid for transporting goods from one place to another is called freight. Consequently, air freight also refers to the fees associated with the flight.

Process of Air Freight

A knowledgeable freight forwarding company routinely arranges air freight. Freight forwarders collaborate with a range of businesses to transport goods by sea, air, or land on behalf of their clients. Although some freight forwarders own their vehicles and facilities, they do not necessarily manage cargo transportation.

A freight forwarder coordinates with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and manages complex interactions with them along with strict guidelines allowing onboard, handling the entire process with a one-stop shop at affordable air freight rates.

Air Freight Advantages

  • You can save time while transporting products by air as it arrives much faster than any other mode.
  • Air freight delivery is more likely to arrive on time because most airlines maintain an arrival schedule, and departure delays are rare.
  • There is less risk of cargo being stolen or damaged as security closely monitors air cargo shipment.
  • Customs clearing freight is quick, and there is often less inventory to offload than freight ships, so there is less need for local warehousing.

Systems must be in place to keep track of the millions of shipments sent across the country every day and ensure they reach their destinations on time making air freight the best choice for urgent cargo shipping.

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