Michigan Entrepreneur Helps Local Businesses Beat the e-Commerce Big Guys

Jchon Perkins created PrizeTrek.com with the goal of giving local brick and mortar stores a fighting chance against e-commerce competition.

East Lansing, MI – The rise in e-commerce has been responsible for closing the doors of thousands of retail brick-and-mortar establishments worldwide over the last few years. Entrepreneur Jchon Perkins has single-handedly come up with a viable solution by means of PrizeTrek.com, a powerful marketing tool that can provide small businesses with free advertising for life.

“Ecommerce is destroying brick and mortar, mom-and-pop stores,” says Perkins. “It’s something that’s here to stay and will continue to change the face of the retail industry, but that doesn’t mean that small, independently owned businesses have to pay the price. This is why I came up with the idea of PrizeTrek.”

PrizeTrek is a free mobile phone app that allows users to participate in a scavenger hunt and win valuable cash and prizes sponsored by local businesses.

According to Perkins, there are tremendous benefits for retailers:

“It gives small businesses a fighting chance to bring in more customers, and they can do this for free, depending on the type of package they choose. It’s an amazing tool that will attract the right kind of customer, and it will even increase traffic on slow days.”

The game itself is free, fun and exciting to play.

“It’s been compared to Pokémon GO on steroids,” adds Perkins. “People love playing because it’s hugely entertaining, but they also get opportunities to win cash and valuable prizes such as an iPhone.  It’s a win-win situation, providing benefits to both businesses and customers!”

To find out more about this remarkable new app, visit the website at http://www.Prizetrek.com

Jchon Perkins can be contacted directly at [email protected] or 517-339-1769.

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