Industry Big Shots Gather in Chengdu to Discuss the New Way of “Urban Renewal” for Making the City More Elegant

On June 17, the RECON CHINA & 2019 CHINA BUILDING ECONOMY GLOBAL COOPERATION SUMMIT has been solemnly opened in Chengdu. As one of the major events of the conference, it was themed with “Building First, Promoting Urban Orderly Renewal” around the topic of “urban renewal”, The top entrepreneurs and industry shots from all over the world gathered to discuss the new way of urban renewal.

Photograph of the event

Taking the foreign city Copenhagen, Denmark, as an example, in the past 50 years, the urban population has nearly tripled and the city has been constantly renewing. Mia Scheel, the Partner of ZESO Architectural Firms in Denmark, believes that the three most key factors for successful urban renewal are concentration, livability and connectivity. In 1947, Copenhagen’s “urban renewal” program eventually earned its reputation of green, efficient and happy city.

At the event, Cheng Lei, the Deputy Director of Qingyang District Bureau of Commerce, said that the key element of urban building in Qingyang District is to focus on urban organic renewal, to subdivide several urban renewal areas based on the mechanism of industrial function zones, to deepen the excavation of urban cultural and spatial values, and to emphasize on building business function areas of Chengdu financial center and Shaocheng international silicon valley with Shaocheng District as the core, and Qingyang new town headquarters economic function zone, so as to continue to improve industrial and urban quality.

Chenghua District is located in the northeastern of Chengdu City, with large areas, abundant land resources and a permanent population of 1.2 million. When talking about urban renewal, Yu Yabin, the Deputy Secretary of the New Town Party and Labor Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee in Longtan Headquarters, Chenghua District, Chengdu City, pointed out that Chenghua is building demonstration zones of Tianfu Chengdu, Culture& Tourism Chenghua as well as beautiful and livable parks.

Chenghua has a remarkable advantage of abundant land resources. At present, more than 30,000 mu of land has been consolidated in this area, which is the largest among 5 urban areas. Next year, the land use scale will reach 26.65 square kilometers, and the project land will be more than 1,000 mu each year. In 2019, there are 38 lands to be developed, covering an area of 3,000 mu. As for the commercial complex, Chenghua District has built 102 commercial buildings, with a total area of 5.3 million square meters and the occupancy rate of 75 percent. Now there are more than 4500 enterprises in Chenghua District. Next year, the commercial complex will be built with an area of more than 300,000 square meters.

Zhou Qiwei, the Deputy Director of Jinniu District Bureau of Commerce, talked about the process of urban renewal in the area, and expressed that the area was endowed with rich elements and abundant carriers of available resources. The total amount of available land is 29.1 million mu, and the developable land resources ranked NO.1 among 5 urban districts. In 2019, there are 16 key recommended plots with a total area of 651 mu.

Jinniu District is now in the critical period of industrial development, focusing on upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, improving public quality services, accelerating the construction of headquarters and new economy, with modern metropolitan industry, modern commerce and trade, modern science and technology service industry as the leading, cultural creativity, urban tourism, medicine and health as the characteristics of the urban modern industrial system.

In today’s event, besides the above case, there are also positive recommendations around the topic of urban renewal on Wuhou District and Jinjiang District, etc., discussing the local regional development advantages and prospects.

In order to show the opportunities of urban renewal in Chengdu and help investors to dock with Chengdu urban renewal projects efficiently, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with Savills compiled Chengdu Urban Renewal Investment Project List, including a total of 100 projects in 5 categories, namely “area renewal, building renewal, building renewal, TOD development and greenway construction.”

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