VCC – 100 times the currency warning in 2019

2019 is another breakout point of digital finance. After various ten-fold coin projects, it is still not enough for investors. The cryptozoic aims to surpass ethereum’s value by 100 times and become the ending of 100 times currency in 2019.

The 100 times currency project should have its own unique characteristics and a highly unified value consensus.

Next, we will analyze the best proof of VCC’s potential as 100 times the currency

1. Fully decentralized community governance (no single project team)

Cryptozoic has no unique project operation team, no foundation, no corporate entity, and is a completely decentralized project similar to bitcoin. The project relies on community operation, global participation, and all product links and gameplay are automatically executed with smart contracts and is not controlled by any centralized organization. We know that bitcoin has been developing from 0.09 cents at the beginning to nearly 20,000 dollars at the peak and the highest price, with an increase of 25,000,000% at one time. This is the reason why cryptoeon chooses complete decentralization. Only decentralization can eliminate cheating, and only freedom and openness can win the recognition of most people.

Excellent global consensus makers or consensus teams can participate in cryptozoic consensus, and they can freely choose to act as nodes, operators, developers, investors, etc. So far, cryptozoic has obtained the participation of developers from Russia, the United States, China, Japan, Germany, etc., and has been independently initiated by the community to establish sub-organization communities including China, South Korea, Russia, the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Spain.

2. Consensus strong dandelion network (social system of proximity relationship)

Cryptozoic participants (CAID) establishes proximity to each other to form a dandelion network, which is not only a social relationship but also a value consensus system.The dandelion network is different from the fission relationship in the market. The individual relationship of the dandelion network is stronger and the consensus is stronger.

Meanwhile, in the incentive system, cryptozoic designs a reward mechanism for dandelion network proximity, namely, target recluse reward, equal reward with target recluse path 1, and equal reward with target recluse path

3. The degree of consensus determines the value of consensus.

Among blockchain projects, bitcoin and ethereum have the highest degree of consensus. so the market value of the currency and ethereum is the highest, dandelion network to implicit main each participant was able to establish mutual correlation, this determines the future values of VCC will be bound to fight against mainstream currency like bitcoin, ethereum

4. TWIN-EX value balance mechanism

TWIN-EX may be the most popular financial model in 2019. Cryptozoic stands on the shoulders of its predecessors to improve and innovate it. Currency holders can use ETH to obtain VCC or VCC to obtain ETH. This two-way transaction makes VCC value come from market regulation and blocks the formation of financial bubbles.

5. CAID accreditation mechanism (CAID ecologically accessible)

CAID forms a huge dandelion social network, and it will also serve as the identity proof of cryptozoic ecological peers. In the future, DApp, node ecology and financial model based on cryptozoic extension will all use a unified authentication mechanism. The authentication mechanism seems to be the CAID big data system of cryptozoic network world, which relies on credit investigation system, authority system and proof system created in the future. The authentication mechanism makes cryptozoic not only have solid identity consensus but also have stable security consensus.

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