Oikos Mortgage Announces 60 Million Available For Home Owners and Investors

Oikos Mortgage Announces 60 Million Available For Home Owners and Investors

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – June 20, 2019 – On June 20, 2019, Arthur Bonner of Oikos Mortgage Funding authorized its management to take necessary actions to permit the company to expand its lending operations in the State of California.

Oikos Mortgage Funding has announced a 60 million dollar cash infusion in its Family Lending Fund for their direct to consumer funding program. The cash injection, effective immediately, allows homeowners and real estate investors to borrow short-term equity based loans with the peace of mind knowing that the loan will close quickly with little red tape. As one of the western states’ premier equity based lenders, this announcement further solidifies Oikos Mortgage Funding’s mission to provide the most amount of value possible to homeowners and real estate investors throughout California.

“Being able to service our customers and fulfill their lending needs is part of our mission statement,” says Oikos Mortgage Funding’s CEO Arthur Bonner. “We’re not restricted by institutional bank lending requirements or a complicated conventional documentation and underwriting process, so we can provide flexible and competitive lending terms to a variety of borrowers.”

The cash acquisition will allow larger value loans we take on to be funded with the same speed as our smaller loans. Borrowers will receive consistent and concise communication throughout the process and can expect all questions and concerns to be addressed in an accountable and confidential manner. We keep borrowers informed every step of the way which allows the funding and closing of loans quickly and efficiently in as little as 5 to 10 working days.

Oikos Mortgage Funding has over 25 years of mortgage lending and real estate investment experience and has positioned itself as an industry leader in Equity-Based, Non-Conforming, Sub-prime and Private Money lending. The $60,000,000 will be allocated for borrowers who want to purchase,refinance, renovate and construct residential and commercial properties using Oikos Mortgage Funding financing.

By using a make sense approach to underwriting and creative financing solutions Oikos Mortgage Funding is prepared to handle both your home financing and real estate investment needs. Since its founding in 2015, Oikos Mortgage Funding has funded over $132 million family funded loans. 

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