Ralana’s newest album “Badass Vibes” set the EDM world on fire

Ralana’s newest album “Badass Vibes” set the EDM world on fire

Blazing with righteous fury, the Xlency Records artist Ralana releases her newest album “Badass Vibes”. A collection of 10 original songs plus two bonus track, this album is poised to set the EDM world on fire. A perfect addition to any dance club playlist the tracks on “Badass Vibes”, demonstrate the power of solid beats, expert mixing, and well-timed samples to create a multi-dimensional musical experience. This brain blistering electronic music both surprises and satisfies the cravings for beautiful music for a hard dance club environment.

With tracks “Out Of The Box”, “Flex With me”, “Badass Vibes” and instrumental pieces “Almost Unreal” and “Poison” this album features many musical aspects of Ralana.

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Highlight track, “Hit the Club” captures the EDM spirit of accelerated heartbeats over high energy beats, frenetic dancing and powerful lyrics to keep the dance floor moving. “Gotta get out, gonna hit the floor, gonna light it up.” As the sweat drips from the ceiling, Ralana delivers her message of “I know it’s now or never”, her time is now and she is going to “Hit the Club” to showcase her prowess as the next big thing in the international club circuit. As the synth waves carry this track forward, with the steady bass kick hitting the listener in their pulse, Ralana delivers a complete track which satisfies as well as challenges.

The off-time syncopated lead rhythms create during the break down satisfies the overall structure as it counterbalances the main melodies.

Gansta rap-inspired “4 O’clock” has a powerful melody that channels anger and frustration. This hip-hop driven melody over a steady EDM beat blends the two worlds and creates a powerful instrumental piece which will release the dancer into a maniacal rage. Attention should be called out to the slightly off tempo bass drop, which plays perfectly into the tension and release which makes a song a hit, as it captures the expectations of the listener. The choice of frequencies used in the samples gives “4 O’clock” an overall dynamic which fills the frequency spectrum.

Complementing the other tracks on “Let The Music Talk”, “We Need Love”, “Almost Unreal” has a swing rhythm which strays from the traditional pulse beat and provides a dynamic rhythm in which to sway to. A track which leaves an elated, joyous feeling in the listener’s ears, “Almost Unreal” channels the hopes and dreams of other would be producers. “I’ve never felt this way before, I never felt like I want more, I never felt like I’m the one, but now I feel like life’s begun, I never felt like this before.” Ralana pays tribute to the power her music as on her soul, to be thankful for the gift her music has made on her life, and the drive it has on her to continue on her quest to be the next best producer.

“We Need Love” is well-produced, a well-mixed blend of dance, electronica, EDM, and hip hop which is a tasty addition to any collection. This album should garner much attention as it finds its way into the international club scene or urban music radio playlist. Her wide variety of instrumentation, provides a clear picture of her talent and commitment to EDM and the music community. Overall the performance

Ralana delivers shows professionalism, and maturity as she branches out of her home in Sweden and begins to tackle the world.

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