Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance Launching Conference and World Celebrity Legend Night

On May 28, 2019, the “Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance Launching Conference and 2019 World Celebrity Legend Night” was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

The conference was hosted by the Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance (GCEA), jointly assisted by the Malaysian government and the Malaysian Leap Node. Hundreds of domestic and foreign senior industry media strongly supported the conference. The summit attracted guests from relevant government departments, industry associations, financial institutions, technology companies, investment institutions, news media and other relevant units. At the same time, thousands of people attended the conference.

The Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance (GCEA) is jointly sponsored by the Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance (GCEA), the Coinchel Cubes Exchange of Korea, the Jeju Blockchain Global Center, Hong Kong Bilang Trading Company, Singapore LZB, Malaysia Leap Team, TKF Securities Exchange Corporation, China Zhongyun Fund and Atlas of the United States. The world’s top blockchain technology institutions, exchanges, financial trading institutions, venture capitals, real businesses and top teams are strongly united to create the world’s first crypto assets ecological alliance based on blockchain technology and currency shares, and to establish a new global commercial ecological economy with blockchain technology and encrypted assets as the core.

Only after experiencing the baptism of years can we precipitate a beautiful fragrance! The same is true for blockchain in 2019. Today, it is like a sword that has been tempered, and the sword is in the sheath, waiting for the king’s return. In the past few years, the blockchain has experienced a period of rapid development, and its enormous social value and broad application scenarios have become the commanding heights of the global competition. However, the popularity of the blockchain has caused countless people to rush, and the industry is stunned. In the current coexistence of opportunities and challenges, the blockchain industry needs to break through the dawn, redefines the future of the industry. So the Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance emerged.

Numerous global crypto leaders won the honorary award on this legendary night. They are: Global Crypto Application Alliance – “Legendary Leader Award” Ms. Liang Jiajia, “Outstanding Contribution Award” Mr. Hong Ping, “Best Honor Award” Ms. Wei Hongping, “Super Achievement Award” Ms. Liu Fang, “Celebrity Award” Mr. Sun Jianjun. They are role models for the global crypto leaders, the pioneers of the times, and congratulations on their winning the award.

Ms. Liang Jiajia, who won the “Global Crypto Application Alliance–Legendary Leader Award”, said: “With the rapid development of the global economy, Internet technology is spreading all over the world, and the emergence of blockchain technology is undoubtedly a wave of Internet technology. Blockchain has more than ten years of growth, innovative models, and continuous improvement of the system, it has also attracted more and more elites. The Global Cryptosset Ecology Alliance is willing to join hands to help the global economy take off and gather the top power of the global industry to jointly build a new commercial eco-economy with blockchain technology and cryptoassets as the core.

Mr. Hong Ping, who won the “Global Crypto Application Alliance – Outstanding Contribution Award”. He believes that behind all the honors, there is a very good team, a group of professional people to do professional things, and now there is a global alliance of cryptoassets.

The Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance has a Gotone Coin Global Eco Application Wallet based on in-depth research on blockchain technology, using the world’s leading encryption technology to create the world’s smartest decentralized encryption asset-wide ecological application wallet, opening up the three major areas of payment, finance, and application, and fully promote the development and take-off of the global blockchain industry, and realize the global circulation of encrypted digital assets.

Tokenize the world, link the world. The Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance covers six regions of the world, and 128 companies jointly build an international alliance economy. The Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance will aim to help the global blockchain industry economy, create a blockchain + digital assets + new business ecosystem as a vision, and work with tens of millions of alliance members to create an emerging eco-economic circle. Promote the application of online and offline payment scenarios, open up international cross-border consumer barriers, and achieve international accessibility, finally reach a consensus with each other, share the generalized economy, and meet the new future!

This legendary summit has been a complete success, which will be a brilliant start for the Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance. In the future, we will witness its link to the world and share a new era of the token economy!

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