A Detailed Interpretation of Cryptozoic Digital Financial Fission

Digital financial model is popular, and some successful blockchain projects have attracted much attention. cryptocurrency is fully capable of participating in the global universal financial network. Cryptozoic, focusing on the construction of decentralized financial ecology, is committed to constructing a private and anonymous future financial system.

ethereum is like the ancient eon phase, and the cryptozoic project is like the earth entering the phanerozoic phase. Cryptozoic is a symbol, meaning that cryptocurrency finance will enter the next critical moment.

Here’s a comprehensive look at how the cryptozoic  can multiply consensus value and explode wealth:

VCC is the value consensus of cryptozoic ecology. It is based on the creation block of cryptozoic public chain, similar to ethereum, which has unlimited issuance amount. Issuance is regulated according to market mechanism.

TWIN-EX model of 2 sections (E2V & V2E respectively)

1. E2V transaction

The transaction target is ETH, and users can use ETH to participate in VCC exchange.  The initial VCC is generated by pre-mining, totaling 327,300,200.  E2V is completed in three stages, namely IEEX stage, CEEX stage and LEEX stage.

IEEX is divided into 4 stalls, each stall contains 50 steps. Each step fills 200 ETH directly into the upper layer. Exchange rate: the initial rate is 1ETH: 1800VCC, and the ratio decreases by 2 VCC layer by layer. Bonus multiple: the first gear 5 times; Second gear 4 times; Third gear triple;Double the fourth gear (extra bonus multiple refers to the extra bonus of doubling the VCC redeemed in each gear).

CEEX has a total of 700 stairs. Each step fills 200 ETH directly into the upper layer. Initial exchange rate: 1ETH: 1400VCC, with the ratio decreasing by two VCC layers. The reward multiple is 1.

LEEX has a total of 100 stairs. Each step fills 200 ETH directly into the upper layer. Initial exchange rate: 1ETH:1VCC. The resonance ratio decreases by 0.01 VCC layer by layer. The reward multiple is 1.

2. V2E is the exchange of VCC for ETH. Users who participate in V2E shall meet the specified number of VCC. The ETH of the exchange pool is used for VCC buyback and destruction. Enter the topological era (when the height of the block reaches 207360) and turn on this function. In a certain height interval of the block, settlement shall be made once per period. Settlement means full exchange of ETH and VCC in the current exchange pool. The number of ETH in each period is equal to the total amount of E2V capital pool in the previous period (block height reference era) *20%.

Dandelion network

Dandelion network is the original relation network of cryptoeon, and the interconnected CAID is the value individual in the dandelion network. When each person enters the dandelion network, a unique identification ID, namely CAID, will be generated after anonymous identity authentication verification of cryptozoic chain.

CAID is an anonymous digital identity in cryptoeon and a source point in dandelion network. To be discovered or discovered, every CAID must establish at least one proximity relationship with path 1 before it can be activated. Every two CAID can establish an proximity relationship with each other, which determines the individual benefits of CAID.

Dandelion social network is different from the traditional hierarchical fission. It can make users more cohesive and have stronger belief in cryptozoic.

CAID activation mode:

Direct activation: Pay a certain amount of VCC to the activated CAID and establish a proximity relationship with this user.

Exploration activation: Through the unique exploration plan of dandelion network, randomly explore a CAID with flying plan to establish a proximity relationship, which is activated.

Incentive network

1) Hermit funds

Select 10080 candidates for each era. When reaching the height of the last block of each era, the system automatically opens the voting channel, and each CAID has only one voting opportunity. The top 20 can be authorized as elite hermits, and share a portion of the community development hermit fund. Voter CAID (supporters authorized to be reclusive elites), split 40% of the recluse funds equally.The remaining 60% are equally distributed to the 20 recluse elites who vote and the CAID who pay in the reverse path 1 and 2.

2) Implicit family funds

In the early stage of the project, it was used as the initial ecological construction fund of cryptozoic  to ensure the smooth implementation of basic ecological cooperation.The VCC produced by pre-mining will be used for community construction, media platform cooperation, data platform cooperation, exchange cooperation and mine cooperation bonus.

3) Lucky believers

Lucky believers will be selected from qualified CAID, and each resonance 50ETH will produce one winning number with no limitation. The laureates themselves and their path awards 30% of the ETH for this microage resonance pool. The winner gets 60%, 25% for CAID with path 1 and 15% for CAID with path 2.

4) Super believers

For the TOP200 users who pass through the demand lock between the height of 1280000 block, 20%ETH of the corresponding E2V module pool during this period can be divided equally as a reward.

5) Super node

This method is suitable for some users who do not have mine machines. As long as they pass the demand lock (they can withdraw at any time), they have their own mining. The system automatically selects the TOP128 users between the height of 1280000 block, dividing up 30% of the new coins generated by mining in the mining.

6) Wishing plan

Anyone who can lock up a small number of positions can get a 5% reward from mining new currency. The block is settled on a daily basis, and a single person can get up to 10 VCC on average.

Combined with the model, As long as the dandelion network is large enough, the explosive force of the cryptozoic will be incalculable. The value of VCC in its chain will increase 10 times, 100 times, or perhaps thousands of times.

Details can be found on the official website: https://www.cryptozoic.io

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