70-year-old Nina Carter using exercising to redefine the concept of aging

70-year-old Nina Carter using exercising to redefine the concept of aging

Beautiful interior designer and mother of two, Nina Carter, continues to turn heads as she defies all odds to remain as active and beautiful as possible even at 70

Nina Carter is an experienced interior designer and art enthusiast. The owner of Nina Carter Design is, however, making her presence known and carving a niche for herself in another world – the beauty and fitness industry. This claim is substantiated with the beautiful trim and fit 70-year-old going against all odds to remain attractive and healthy thanks to her regular fitness routine that include hitting the gym three times a week.

Over the years, aging has always been one of the most dreadful yet inevitable phenomena. Millions of people particularly women often find it difficult to remain active and attractive once they reach fifty years of age. Consequently, women and even men in this age group are often termed as aging. However, studies have shown that baby boomer women are currently living healthier lives due to regular exercising. One woman that has not let her age define herself and her abilities, as she looks to be championing the “healthy older generation movement” is Nina Carter. Exercising at the gym with a personal trainer three times a week, Nina has established herself as a model and source of inspiration not only for her peers but also for younger women. The fashionable interior designer does things that many 20-year old women and probably men cannot. The jovial goal-getter has always drawn the attention of everyone with women stopping her to ask about her hair, stylish clothing, and of course, stunning figure.

Nina Carter has also made her mark in the business world, founding her interior décor business headquartered in New York City in 2012. The art enthusiast started out as a fashion stylist before opening her first business as a textiles and wall coverings designer and specialist. She subsequently transitioned into real estate where she bought and renovated houses.

Nina has been able to uniquely blend modern/contemporary, transitional and eclectic themes, mixing the various designs harmoniously to create a warm, stylish and sophisticated environment. Since its inception, NINA CARTER DESIGN has won various awards and recognition from magazines and publications.

Nina is a reiteration of the fact that anyone can be as healthy, attractive, and self-confident as they wish by being active and working out regularly. She is a wonderful conversationalist is open to interviews on how she has been able to achieve her goals and how women everywhere can do the same.

More information about the septuagenarian can be found on her website.

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