Andre Nero is a Chicago native and 2014 NAACP Image Awards “Hometown Champion” Recipient from Radio One. His company, First American Credit & Financial Solutions is helping to create thousands of minority jobs all over the US.

By Zoey Thompson

ATLANTA – Andre Nero is probably as famous for stopping an armed robbery in Atlanta as he is for any financial program he’s initiated. Being in the right place at perhaps the wrong time was how Nero distinguished himself from the crowd and launched his Good Samaritan efforts.  “Andre Nero – Arby’s Hero” may be what got him into the local news but he hopes that it will be his educational and financial contributions that he is someday remembered for. First American Credit & Financial Solutions offers financial literacy and credit education programs that will help to not only create responsible consumers but also propel entrepreneurs into business with not only enough working capital but the right tools to be a success.

“I have always had it within me the desire to help others,” says Nero. “Whether it was me risking my life that day or taking out of my own pocket to help others get their start. I think it’s sad that we’ve fallen away from the days of ‘He’s not a burden, He’s My responsibility’ thinking and I’d like to see us get back to that.”

His Credit Education & Financial Literacy platform has been sharing the wealth, which ranges between 40-60% of the companies profits to create over 25,000 jobs and promote over 10,000 new entrepreneurs. The platform has been developed to not only educate people in how to manage money and develop their financial potential but also to foster minority education initiatives throughout the country. “Our tagline is ‘Raising an Economically Sound Minority,’” he explains. “We offer twenty percent commissions on new membership fees so that we can turn around and place twenty percent into educational initiatives.”

With paid membership in the program, the company offers free credit restoration services along with training in how to maintain financial independence and grow income potential. The Nero 2020 Agenda is all about empowering people to be better, do better, and succeed in their life goals. His new campaign has already launched and will run until December 21st, 2019. He hopes it will encourage people to sign up, tell their friends, and get the ball rolling on their future dreams. 

“I’m here to tell people, ‘You can do it,’” he says. “It’s possible to break old patterns and start over. You just have to educate yourself and then commit. My hand is out to anyone willing to take it.”

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