Brigit Thümcke, CEO, presents her views on distributed organization

Brigit Thümcke, CEO, presents her views on distributed organization
Birgit Thümecke, the recently appointed CEO of has shared some interesting views about Distributed Organization.

Birgit Thümecke, a leading business strategist and entrepreneur, known for her ability to steer companies to growth using the power of analysis, creativity, and teamwork, has recommended the use of Distributed Organization as a strategy for success. The CEO of has an outstanding track record of growing distributed organizations and helping enterprises achieve their long-term goals by building partnerships.

“The power of distributed organization has not yet been fully realized by companies despite the powerful potential it offers,” says Birgit Thümecke. “I am committed to bringing about a huge transformational impact using this powerful workforce technology that can dramatically change the way companies work as a team from geographically diverse locations. If companies display technology readiness, we can help them achieve success with our expertise in this domain.”

The concept of distributed organization goes beyond the limitations posed by any conventional office environment. The usual shortcomings can be easily managed by installing appropriate technologies. Team members can access all the company’s software and resources in a modern distributed organization set-up without having to work within the boundaries of a company-operated facility.

In her blog, ‘Think Global, Work Local! How to make global teams work’ Birgit Thümecke highlighted the importance of employing talented, like-minded people across the globe. She believes Global Sourcing is a model that can offer massive benefits. Companies can have access to a greater talent pool and can find candidates with superior skills at competitive costs.

Other benefits include redundancies that support business continuity and the ability to diversify which always encourages innovation. Organizations can reach out to newer markets, use ground-breaking project management tools to boost operational efficiency and leverage sophisticated technology such as Cloud and Open Source to ensure improved alignment.

She also stresses the need to communicate clearly as it is one of the most important factors in any team expansion process.

According to Birgit Thümecke, companies that operate globally or have a global catchment of customers must focus on growing globally right from the beginning. This can offer key advantages – they can have easy access to quality and affordable talent, and develop stronger networks.

The global platform model allows companies to scale quickly and create multiple networks. They can also source the best talent from a wider talent pool.

“Once you take the Distributed Organization leap, the world is your oyster,” says Birgit Thümecke. Every new facility helps connect with a whole new network of potential employees, partners, and customers.

Her blog, ‘Collaboration is Essential to a Startup’s Success’ analyses the subject in more detail. Here, she has stressed the importance of international collaboration for organizations operating in today’s technology-driven environment. has always been a step ahead of others when it comes to collaboration among on-site teams. They not only follow an open office plan designed to encourage collaboration among their on-site teams but have also created a high-tech conference facility which helps them connect with their remote service providers and team members regardless of their global location.

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