Oriental Yuhong Carried Out Technical Seminar With Lehigh University

A few days ago, Oriently Yuhong North American company was invited to participate in the 50th annual meeting of Polymer Emulsion Association held by Lehigh University, and made a special report entitled Waterproofness and Water Resistance of Water-based Paint at the meeting, in-depth exchange the new progression in the field of emulsion polymerization and emulsion polymer. The participants included association representatives and academic experts from Lehigh University, as well as teachers and students from other universities (Princeton, Iowa State, UPenn, CNRS, etc.) and industrial researchers (DOW, L’Oréal, Axalta, LG Chem, Benjamin Moore, etc.).


Lehigh University is a private research institution in the United States, renowned for its engineering and scientific research capabilities. As early as many years ago, Oriental Yuhong established the “emulsion polymerization experiment center” with Lehigh University, and cooperated with them to carry out a number of scientific research projects and subjects. Yuhong’s scientific project “ study on aging and feasibility solutions of polymer modified self-adhesive waterproof membrane”, which was cooperated by Yuhong and Lehigh University, was selected as PITA FY16 funding project.

Lehigh University emulsion polymer research center director Professor Daniel Ouyang recognized the research achievements of Oriental Yuhong in the seminar. He said that the all-round cooperation between education institutions and enterprises can make more scientific, pertinence and practicability of talent cultivation. At the same time, the research results of colleges could have more market orientation and foresight, so that, it can better adapt to the development of scientific research and development in colleges and the market competition of enterprises.

Oriental Yuhong constantly strengthens the company’s scientific research capabilities. It established a scientific research laboratory focusing on water-based paints in Spring House Innovation Park, Pennsylvania, the United States, and gave full play to its attributes and geographical advantages of being close to surrounding universities to improve the company’s international research and development level. Yuhong regards scientific and technological innovation as the driving force of the company’s development. As a global provider of building materials system, technological innovation promotes the company’s scientific research capabilities and makes contribution to continues to lay out overseas innovative ecological system.

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