Cupid-CBIT, Creating a New Direction for Block Chain 3.0 Digital Love Economy

On June 22nd, the “Digital Economy 3.0 Block Chain + Love Scenario Innovation Summit and Cupid-CBIT Global Partners Conference” hosted by Cupid-CBIT was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. With “Block Chain+ Love Scenario Innovation” as its theme, the conference carried out discussion and prospects at different dimensions and shared insights into the market status of the digital love economy as well as the implementation of scenario applications.


The conference brought together dozens of global leading figures in the block chain industry and more than 100 node partners who have a high consensus with Cupid-CBIT.

The tide of the digital economy is coming, which has promoted a new round of value creation and wealth explosion. As the cornerstone of the digital economy, the development of block chain is entering the 3.0 era. The implementation projects of scenario applications truly based on the value system innovation will be the biggest opportunity for the second half of the digital economy!

2019 is not only the year of the opening of the Block Chain 3.0 Era, but also the year of the outbreak of the Cupid-CBIT project.

Wang Dong, deputy director of Block Chain Committee of China Communications Industry Association and initiator of the BSAL Block Chain Scenario Application Laboratory, gave an opening speech at the conference. As he said, the digital economy era has arrived, which consists of Information Internet, trading Internet, digital trade and digital business. As the cornerstone of the digital economy, block chain technologies have profoundly affected the industrial development and value creation, providing new credit means for the value flow of humans. The value ecological chain is the fundamental. The implementation of scenario applications will be the decisive force for the second half of the block chain. As the world’s first application implementation project, Cupid-CBIT empowers the entity industry with love as its theme, which enhances the credit of love in the expression and adds the value of love in the transmission, breaking through the temporal and spatial limitations. It creates new love experience in the digital economy era, which is a full scenario innovation of the scenario implementation and value circulation.

As one of Cupid-CBIT’s token economy design consultants, Mr. Meng Yan, vice president of CSDN, delivered a keynote speech at the conference on “Discussion on the Design of the Next Generation of Token Economy Value”. As he mentioned, token economy breaks the wall of capital and builds the community economy. The design of the token is not only an incentive system, but a value creation system, which can express the value that cannot be carried by the previous human currency in multiple dimensions. It is the development trend of the next generation of tokens. He also said, “the design of Cupid’s tokens not only considers the user experience and the value creation, but also considers the value integration and the value flow, which is a good example of the next generation of the token economy model.”

Cai Dong, chief data officer of McDonald’s China, as one of Cupid-CBIT’s expert consultants, gave a keynote speech on “New Trends of Block Chain Empowered Entity Economy”. He believes that technology convergence based on Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and block chain has profoundly affected the transformation of business models. Cupid’s application scenarios have great value-added space in terms of online or offline convergence, representing the future development direction of block chain, which is worthy of common expectations.

As the organizer of this conference, Li Jing, founder of Cupid-CBIT, talked about the development path of Cupid-CBIT and the economic ecology of Cupid’s love industry. From Bird’s Nest in Beijing on August 8, 2018, to Pyeongchang in South Korea on January 29, 2019, to the national event held by Cupid nodes launched in March this year, it has been to over 30 cities. Cupid-CBIT’s ecological value has been recognized by more and more partners and operating nodes. There will be more participants building Cupid-CBIT’s value ecosystem in the future.


At the same time, the atmosphere was lively. Every guest shared own opinions and won a long and warm applause. Node partners and participants from all over the world were enthusiastic. It was the first time for them to feel that the application implementation of block chain was closely related to everyone’s life.

Chen Gang, global vice president of Cupid-CBIT, introduced Cupid-CBIT’s global layout and development plan. As he said, Cupid-CBIT creates a love economy ecosystem in the digital age for global users. It will actively expand overseas markets and carries out the global multi-dimensional layout in the future so that the digital rights expressed by love can flow without national borders.

The opening ceremony of the conference also attracted great attention. The Cupid-CBIT Academy and Cupid-CBIT Shanghai IP Design Center were formally established. The Cupid-CBIT Academy organizes online and offline open classes for Cupid-CBIT’s global nodes, allowing knowledge to become a consensus, making love a fortune, providing a strong think tank support for merchants to fit in Cupid and embrace block chain.

Mei Yaojiong, comic reporter, general manager of Shanghai Weiyujiyao Garden Design Co., Ltd. showed the live animation shorthand at the conference. Wang Dong, Meng Yan, Cai Dong and the Shanghai team representatives unveiled the brand together, marking the official establishment of Cupid-CBIT Shanghai IP Design Center, providing strong support for the IP value expansion of Cupid-CBIT’s projects.


In the strategic cooperation signing session, Cupid-CBIT and 99Ex reached a strategic cooperation. Zhuang Jieqiang, founder of 99Ex, attended the signing ceremony of “CBIT’s First 99Ex Exchange” and officially determined that CBIT had landed on 99Ex’s digital asset trading platform. At the same time, Cupid-CBIT reached a strategic cooperation with Finance Run, Coldlar, Block360, Jipai Group and Great Wall Commune, which would jointly promote the development of block chain technologies to enable the entity economy. In addition, Singapore’s Cupid Foundation and Birdwo Network donated 100 pairs of “Cupid Heart” smart necklaces to disabled people, helping special user groups of Cupid-CBIT to express their love more easily. The token has its price while true love is priceless.

Special guests attended the round-table conference, including Qin Xin, founder of Finance Run, Xie Fang, chairman of Mulan Working Committee of China Asian Economic Development Association, He Zongbo, executive chairman of Block Chain Industry Alliance of Shaanxi Province and secretary general of Chinese Enterprise Block Chain Industry Alliance, Wang Hua, dean of Huanyu (Shanghai) Block Chain Industry Research Institute. They discussed the market status of the digital love economy and the future development direction from different perspectives and fields.

Finally, all guests agreed that Cupid-CBIT satisfied the users’ spiritual and experience needs in an innovative form, which empowered merchants to increase traffic and built a new value ecosystem of energy economy + experience economy + block chain + new retail based on the love economy, making the love experience of hundreds of millions of users more perfect and happier!

After the round-table conference, partners of Cupid-CBIT who participated the conference exchanged opinions on “node wealth creation experience”. During the period, Wang Dong gave a training speech on how to earn incomes and increase wealth as Cupid nodes. In addition, he opened the first batch of partner function for all the nodes present and enabled them to enjoy the first batch of Cupid-CBIT’s ecological benefits.

Cupid-CBIT has created a new direction for the digital love economy. It builds an economic value ecosystem from three aspects, including token incentive, value-added power and value circulation. It jointly integrates economic nodes such as experts, capitals, users, merchants, communities and KOLs to create a new experience of digital love and empower the entity economy to upgrade.


As the world’s first block chain application implementation project, Cupid-CBIT not only brings traffic and benefits to merchants and empowers entities, but also permanently records every couple’s consumption as a witness of love, bringing a new love expression experience to users and making love have a sense of ritual. In the future, Cupid-CBIT’s global nodes and partners will expand their operating nodes and merchant nodes based on Dapp V2.0 to jointly promote the development of love economy and share dividends of digital economy.

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