5G Energized VEG-Application of VEG DAPP in Distributed Business Scenarios to Start Global Node Program to Build Vertical Ecosystem of Block Chain

VEG Dapp, co-sponsored by DUPP International Procedure Research Center and ETORO CTO of Israel, was founded in Silicon Valley of the United States. The top technology team of two laboratory agglomeration block chains in Silicon Valley and Israel has established many leading data mining and analysis organizations in the new economic industry all over the world in recent years to concentrate on the research of 5G technology. Based on the application scenario concept of global vertical ecological industry, VEG (full name VERTICAL ECOLOGY GLOBAL) is positioned as a global public chain operation compatible system + decentralized super application DAPP + global community vertical integration of the public ecosystem. Under the mechanism of forming a common global consensus, the VEG block chain community global node plan will be opened! The research center will make full use of the BIG bandwidth, LOW delay and SUP connection capabilities in the 5G era to promote industry digitization and enable VEG vertical ecology.

On the premise of 5G as transmission carrier and around the global layout of Genesis Digital Block, VEG Decentralized DAPP will continue to open up innovative ecological applications such as block chain industry patrol, world trading market, international OTC trading, secondary main energy pool, multi-dimensional real-world mining aircraft, dimensional personalized game, space block entertainment, multi-dimensional audiovisual of international players, unattended dynamic shopping mall and so on, for consumption. VEG DAPP, based on the concept of block chain sharing, will continue to introduce more high-quality external resources, and strive to become a distributed decentralized global one-stop block chain experience billion user platform.

VEG can be applied in many distributed business scenarios, including but not limited to financial transactions, trust and anti-counterfeiting, asset accounts, social networks, etc. It can provide convenient, fast and secure services for users of block chains, as well as more convenient entry opportunities, encourage everyone to participate in the construction of block chains, and provide convenient intelligent collaboration tools for each user. Through technological innovation, VEG will make it easy for any community and organization to have their own token. Every developer can use VEG’s underlying architecture to build and distribute the next generation of distributed applications, and promote the development of VEG ecosphere rapidly.

The development of DAPP led by VEG is an inevitable trend. The Dapp industry needs technical talents who are devoted to research. VEG application developers will do their best to design business models and user experience. VEG not only realizes the digital asset wallet with rich functions, supports multi-chain asset management, DAPP browsing and secure private value exchange, but also is safer, more reliable and faster. VEG is a secure future-oriented intelligent contract system with its own internal consensus mechanism, which makes the agreement of VEG change over time, and makes the risk of hard bifurcation market disappear.

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