CIEF 2019 was Concluded, Bringing Together Global Science and Technology Projects and Jointly Building the Collaborative Innovation platform

The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 (CIEF) was officially concluded on June 23. This year’s CIEF received extensive support. Many well-known enterprises, universities, research institutes and science and technology associations at home and abroad organized upwards of 1,200 achievements projects for exhibition. The focus is on AI, new-generation IT, new energy, new materials, biotechnology, smart cars and other high-tech leading-edge industries. This CIEF exhibits the state-of-the-art technologies and products in hot areas such as smart driving, IoT, smart city, mobile medical, 5G, bioenergy, electronic information materials, and new functional materials.

During the CIEF, more than 30 special events have been held, including keynote speeches, special reports, roundtable discussions, academic exchanges, auctions on achievements, and events of popular innovation and entrepreneurship, including matchmaking activities and roadshow promotion events to promote project application; outlook of future development trend of science and technology, forum salons that analyze and judge the development directions of the industries; and international innovation and entrepreneurship competitions that guide venture capital to find investment projects and support entrepreneurial teams.


The Fair fosters international cooperation and exchanges, and promotes the win-win integration of science and technology at home and abroad.

More than 150 foreign tech companies, innovation carriers, technology associations, and research institutes from over 20 countries including the U.S., Britain, Israel, South Korea, Australia, Germany, and France entered the exhibition with 250 projects. More than 40 well-known foreign scientists and entrepreneurs including Andre Geim, Nobel laureate in Physics in 2010, the “Father of graphene” and academician of the American National Academy of Sciences (NAS), served as the guests at the special activities. China-UK Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation Forum, the Matchmaking Meeting for Israeli projects, and others promoted cooperation and exchange of projects at home and abroad, and the matchmaking and transformation.

The fair sets up an international platform for technology exchange, promotes the application of outstanding international projects and creates more opportunities for international cooperation. DEXTERIS of Israel created a partner ecosystem in Guangdong through the CIEF, and, together with such units as South China Agricultural University, jointly filed for the international cooperation project which was approved by the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Guangdong Province; and forged strategic partnership with Guangdong Zhanjiang State Farms Group at the CIEF achievement promotion conference for joint development of pineapple-picking robots.

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