Importance of disaster preparedness in Businesses

Importance of disaster preparedness in Businesses

New York – With a lot of businesses getting more aware about finding the types of disasters that they could encounter, and what their level of preparedness they felt they had in place when disaster struck unexpectedly there is a growing sense that businesses should take action about this matter to a higher level.

In a recent survey this year, there are about more than a thousand businesses in New York conducted self-assessment on how prepared they are in times of disaster both man-made and nature. When asked if how was their business been interrupted by a disaster in the past five years, it came out that winter storms and communication failure were the two main damaging types of disasters that hindered many businesses to operate for days.

With New York, one of the many states in the U.S to be badly affected by last January’s polar vortex, it is necessary now that businesses have to assess themselves how prepared they are when another polar vortex will hit the country.

There were at least 30 plus people died in the entire US Midwest region when the worst cold snapped while ninety million people, a third of the entire US population have experienced temperatures freezing up to negative -17C (0F) or even below. There are some 250 million Americans overall have experienced the wrath of mother nature through the freezing conditions that the polar vortex brought.

Aside from snowstorm, polar vortex, and man-made disasters, business leaders in New York have listed some of the most common reasons how their respective businesses were interrupted in the past few years. They say that because of natural disasters and calamities, they experienced mechanical flooding, natural flooding, fire, wildfires, hurricanes or tornadoes, and an earthquake which is the rarest to happen to them.

Most of the major incidents that include anything from wildfires to full-scale floods, along with some hurricanes and the polar vortex are the most common fears that many business leaders in New York both big and small are worrying about that is why it is important that disaster preparedness should be one of the top priorities to prevent any disruption of their operations that is why it is a necessity to hire a company that specializes in Flood Damage Restoration Yonkers NY.

For New York-based commercial disaster recovery service company, Amor Environmental Solutions is ready to serve to everyone in times of need. The Armor Environmental Solutions will be there to help you protect your brand during the times of calamities, help your company put up a sound plan for disaster preparedness especially for Storm Damage Repair Companies Yonkers NY.

The Armor Environmental Solutions is founded by Servco 911 and Soundshore Restoration who teamed up for a common cause since these two companies were the pioneering groups in restoring commercial facilities and buildings from fire, water, mold, smoke, and other environmental issues and damages from natural calamities. They specialize in Disaster Restoration Services Yonkers NY.

The merging of these two companies has paved a better way to answer the call of their clients to provide them the most comprehensive and timely recovery from the different types of disasters and emergency situations which has been going on for the past fifteen years.

The Armor Environmental Solutions’ restoration services include reconstruction of damaged facilities and buildings as well as cleanups after natural calamities, elimination of molds, water damage, smoke, fire and of course storms.

If you are planning to partner with Armor Environmental Solutions to avail of their Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup Yonkers NY, you can visit their site at 965 Midland Ave Yonkers, NY 10704 or call them at 1-800-413-3070.

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