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Jun 24, 2019 – USA – Under NAIC code 484230, auto transportation is classified as “specialized freight trucking.” Majority of Auto transport brokers deal mainly with trucks and cars, but there are other brokers as well who deal into motorcycles, boats and RVs. Auto transportation is a sub-category under the personal freight business industry where brokers are licensed firms under the government of USA (dealt by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Department.)  Traditionally, the business includes three fundamental members – the carrier, the broker and the customer. Where, the customer books a broker, the broker searches for the ideal carrier, and finally, the carrier ships the automotive.

In 2007, the US Department of Transportation estimated the auto cargo shipment industry’s worth at over 651 billion USD. These numbers clearly show the prominence and eminence of the business in our day-to-day lives. Additionally, in 2012, the former US president Obama, hiked the minimum broker bond (a bond sanctioned by the FMCSA denoting the broker’s license approval and terms) fee to 75,000 USD from 10,000 USD, making the business accessible only to experienced and veteran players (which increase safety benefits on customer’s end.)

Additionally, this broker bond isn’t handed out to any random firms. Prior to approval, the FMCSA crosschecks the applicant’s credit of ownership, years in business, financial status and experience. The FMCA also continues to review the status of existing licenses every 5 years, and could revoke a license if the broker is found guilty of unethical practices. The shipping brokers, before obtaining their license, are needed to possess relevant experience of three years and complete a certified training, which makes the requirements equal to that of the ocean shipping industry. Now with such strict governmental measures in the business, it is safe to assume that every existing carrier and broker entities in the business are supremely committed, dedicated, ethical, skilled, experienced and authentic.

Now considering such overwhelming details related to the auto cargo shipping industry, there shouldn’t be much doubt in trusting a broker with the shipment of your vehicle. However, a customer’s obligation compels one to stretch the search to maximum, and seek out the best broker out there. To such ends, one must visit, a broker website that has developed their dedicated self learning algorithm (based on AI and Big Data,) that can provide the viewers an online quote of auto cargo shipping with higher accuracy and precision. With Get Carrier quotes at your disposal you will conveniently access multiple quotes from multiple carriers, instantly.

Once you are on,, and choose the firm as your shipping broker, you will be able to complete the entire process online, starting from – getting your quote and choosing your company to dispatch and receiver paperwork and customer service. Get Carrier is an industry leader with years of experience in providing smooth shipping, and now with the advent of online services, providing you instant quotes and round-the-clock booking and support. The broker site is approved and appreciated by the US Department of Transport and FMCSA, and has received a five-star rating from Google as well.

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