Strategic deployment of anonymous public chain, Cryptozoic has reshaping the essence of blockchain

Crytozoic is a new decentralized, financial and anonymous eco-network. The core value consensus, VCC, which combines POW, POS and Cryper, including multiple contracts and main smart contracts. As the main entrance into the system for users and reserve managers, multiple contracts are used to maintain the stockpile and smart contract wallets and to provide easy interactions for all the features of VCC.

The contract is designed with high extensibility which means a good modular construction. We allow the dynamic addition or deletion of tokens from any ETH or BTC public chain within the network, and the usage of Polkadot protocol and relaying chain technology based on decentration to realize asset conversion between TWIN – EX.

Twin-ex value delivery twin-born mining mechanism and the first three-dimensional dandelion social network constitute the strong network structure on the chain of the Crytozoic, which realizes the accumulation of intrinsic value and network expansion and expand the eco-volume and conviction value.


In order to build a free and private Internet in the distributed nodes, Crytozoic uses multiple cryptography such as one-time circular signature technology and CAID anonymous authentication mechanism to hide node IP, transaction address and encrypt key information. So that all users of Crytozoic could enjoy an absolutely free, secure and anonymous network environment.

Finally, for developers, it has the same DApps and operating environment as Ethereum, which can fully and bidirectionally compatible with eco-applications. Through the help of UTXO trading model, virtual machine program for the writing and execution of smart contract, and the perfect API/SDK form and basic facilities in Crytozoic, developers can quickly enter the Crytozoic ecosystem, providing a friendly development environment for global blockchain enthusiasts and developers.

Based on the above, a new generation of distributed cryptocurrency financial ecology is built through mutual cultivation, cooperation, circulation and balance of the whole process and functions in Cryptozoic.

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