New Cruz Phone Cases Block Cell Phone Signals Directed into the Brain

June 24, 2019 – Cruz Cases released its new designer Cruz Explorer Phone cases offering the maximum protection from the powerful cell phone signals directed into your brain every time you use your phone.

Cruz Corporation, the original manufacturer of EMF protective wallet cases, use top quality Reflectrex Core Shielding fabric to protect cell phone consumers from the pulsed microwave radio signals directed out of the front of the phone exposing the head, brain, cheeks, ears and body to cell phone radiation.

Health institutions and even mobile phone manufactures issued warnings about holding the device next to the head or body. “Cruz phone cases are a life-style designed product,” says John Cruz, Founder/Product Designer. “Cruz phone cases offer a healthy way to use cell phones without changing how people use cell phones.”

Problem with competitive products are they block radio signals using back mounted shielded cases which then reflect signals back to the front exposing the brain to more radiation. Other products destroy shielding properties during the manufacturing process. Cruz has perfected anti-radiation phone cases.      

Cruz offers cases for custom fit iPhones and offer the versatile Cruz Universal case that fit over 25 different mobile phones. Each Cruz case includes RFID protective card holders and there is no interference with cell tower communications.

Cruz phone cases are on sale online at Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and various online retailers in USA and Canada. Call to buy +1-518-608-6479 (international shipping) or search Cruz Radiation phone cases or visit

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