Ez-Bike is now available for preorders on Kickstarter!

Sylvan Company has recently declared the upcoming release of their revolutionizing ez-bike, an e-bike conversion kit. Unlike other kits out there ez-bike kits simply operate on any cordless drill turning your regular bike into an e-bike but without the hefty price tag. The ez-bike conversion kit would have the same propelling potential as the expensive and unreachable electronic bikes which come in a hefty amount of $ 2500-3500 whereas people would be able to grab their own ez-bike conversion kit which will retail at about $300 but for the early supporters of their Kickstarter campaign the price will be slashed by half. That means you can convert your regular bike into an e-bike only for about $149. That’s a steal.

Ebikes have been in the recent commuting scene for quite some time now and the reason behind the inflation of their utilization is simply the immense convenience which these electronic bikes provide while also being super ecofriendly. One can move around anywhere with an ebike without having to sweat and that too way faster than a normal bicycle. The ebike operates quite like small motorized bikes or mopeds and do not take up any fuel. The ebikes are rechargeable and last quite long without unnecessary maintenance and fuss. People are getting their hands on these ebikes in huge numbers because ebikes are highly user friendly because of the comfort and cost effectiveness while in use. That means all the noise about these ebikes is not without a reason. But, the problem lies in their prices. Not everyone can afford them. Sylvan company has long served in the field and holds the legacy of providing amazing products every single time. They always strive to bring in the market the products which aid the users at max and also are light on the pocket. Yet again, being stuck to their commitment they are coming up with their amazing ez-bike real soon.

They have manufactured a complete mechanical framework in the form of their ebike conversion kits and they are ready to roll with almost any kind of bike out there. Sylvan’s spokesperson told the media about the main features of their product. The ez-bike will have three easily adjustable paces or gears for the riders; normal, cruising and climb hills. Their e-bike conversion kits will come with easy installation that will require only couple of minutes and a cordless drill for the complete set up. They have taken plenty time in experimenting with the prototype of the product and later planned the first full-fledged release of the Ez-bike in the market. The ez-bike are capable of giving 5 miles mileage with just one time charge of the battery. Ez-bike are made with machine aluminum for a great durability. Along with the feature of 40 MPH speed there is one more bonus feature of freewill. Freewill lets you choose between the options to paddle or ride easily. If in a hurry, get yourself to the workplace in time with the riding option and if out for a recreational and healthy ride, choose pedaling. One product and so many convenient features!

In addition to the early bird discounts, people will also get special kickstarter price. Spokesperson of the company shared that these discounts are a part of their marketing strategy for making their product streamlined quickly.

Here is the link to their Kickstarter campaign, they have limited units available at the early birds price, don’t miss your chance, get it today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1634576606/ez-bike-convert-your-bike-into-an-e-bike-within-minutes

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