How to judge the quality of a handwoven Oriental rug

Rug experts claim a list of guidelines will help homeowners pick the best carpet for their property

June 24, 2019 – Oriental rugs have been bought, sold, and traded for as long as there have been weavers. Today, Oriental rugs are a popular decorating piece to put in the home. They are versatile and interior decorators love their ability to go with a variety of home decors.

A recent trend in home decorating has seen many homeowners add Oriental rugs to their properties. Selecting a carpet isn’t easy as some individuals may choose a rug based on its design and color pattern. A rug’s ability to match a room is also highly coveted by homeowners.

Yet, there are other ways homeowners should judge the quality of an Oriental rug. Just because the carpet looks good and matches an individual’s home decor, doesn’t make it worth the price.

According to House of Oriental Rugs, a company that specializes in the sale of high-quality carpets, there are five areas in which a buyer should investigate the rug they wish to purchase.

The quality of the carpet is the first area homeowners should worry themselves over. If the quality is poor, then the Oriental rug will not hold up to the wear and tear of the home. High-quality Oriental rugs can last decades and be passed down through generations. Age and condition are also areas to consider as an extremely old, highly used rug could fall apart far more easily than a newer one.

The country of original plays a part in the selection of an Oriental rug. If a rug comes from a well-known carpet producer such as Iran, then the quality can be ensured by the craftsmanship and traditions of the country’s producers. The last item experts say to look for is the decoration demand and its look in the home. Of course, this is highly important to homeowners buying Oriental rugs.

According to House of Oriental rugs, one of the biggest myths associated with carpets is the knot count. It is claimed the quality of Oriental rugs can be discovered by counting the knots, which should be at least 120 knots per square inch. Yet, this is much like thread count when it comes to sheets as buyers worry themselves with something of lesser value.

Some geometric rug designs may have fewer than 100 knots per square inch due to the detail. The knots do not make the rug a higher quality, rather it is the materials used by the weavers.

“There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Oriental rugs,” a spokesperson for House of Oriental Rugs said. “A great rug can really bring out the colors and decor of a home. Selecting a high-quality carpet means it will last a very long time and could be passed down to other generations.”

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