Facebook Libra launches and ExShell embraces their seamless cooperation?

On June 18, Facebook launched its digital currency project-Libra’s official website and white paper, which attracted the attention of the public. At the beginning of the white paper, Facebook tells us that Libra’s mission is to build a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people.

The white paper shows that Libra is made up of three parts, which work together to create a more inclusive financial system. Firstly, it is based on a secure, reliable and extensible blockchain; secondly, it takes asset reserves endowed with intrinsic value as backup force, mainly the bank deposits and short-term government bonds of corresponding value; finally, it is governed by the independent Libra Association to continuously promote the development of its financial ecosystem.

It’s easy for everyone to send and receive money as it is for Facebook to share information and photos. For that, Facebook will also launch an independent subsidiary called Calibra, to provide Libra’s send, cost and storage services. Calibra will be regulated like other payment service providers. All information shared in Calibra will be independent of the information shared on Facebook, and it will always allow users to send Libra through smart contracts at low or zero cost.

All of the above are in line with blockchain technology. Blockchain marks by decentralization, namely, it is managed by many different organizations, to make the whole system more equitable. Anyone can use blockchain as long as he connects to the Internet, while the fee and cost of that are very low. Blockchain is cryptographically protected to help secure funds. This is a key part of building a privacy-centric vision of a social platform – everything from text messages to secure payments can interact in any way we want.

Digital finance is the focus of the world’s attention. Most countries around the world are making use of blockchain technology to innovate cash financing and create new breakthroughs in data value circulation. Blockchain technology makes the capital market predict business opportunities, and digital financial exchanges emerge at the historic moment.

ExShell is a world’s leading digital financial trading platform. It has gained tens of millions of RMB investments from more than ten investment institutions and investors, such as Consensus Laboratory, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital and Crypto Capital, etc. ExShell has created a new trading model to provide more advanced and efficient digital financial products services for global value investors by using mature digital financial technology to mark the business models and financial products of the top five financial exchanges globally.

ExShell owns the world’s top security team, and it has set up the Silicon Valley Security Laboratory, independently developing one-way transmission optical gate, encrypted two-dimensional code and other trading technologies. Its financial security protection system equals the national financial security protection capability. Its new transaction mode promotes the evolution of “traditional finance to digital finance”. ExShell’s efficient financial transaction system has been developed exclusively, which is more than one million level of efficient matching system per second, and has unlimited horizontal expansion capacity. The real-time processing ability based on memory database provides the best transaction experience for the vast number of users.

Currently, ExShell has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of institutions, and it is expected to launch Facebook Libra in the future. The whole ecosystem has been growing at a very fast speed and will even play an immeasurable role. ExShell will focus on ecological construction, build brand ecology, and provide all-round digital financial investment services for users from global institutions.

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