AMDEN Capital Ventures into the Asian Market, Using big data to a better life

The main task of a broker in the investment market is to provide a fair and transparent trading platform to ensure smooth transactions between the investor and the various exchanges. Brokers provide price feed, a good charting platform, low fees and a payment gateway for clients to move money into and out of their trading account. Good brokers provide a holistic package of trading instruments which might include Forex, metals, oil, crypto currencies as well as stock indices. Most brokers today also provide leverage for clients to trade bigger positions using margin which often serve as a double-edged sword. In choosing a good broker, one of the most important factor investors look into is the security of funds, thus it is extremely important to choose a broker which is supervised by a top regulatory organization.

National Futures Association (NFA), one of the world-renowned regulatory organizations including FCA, ASIC and many more, is the self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry. It was established in 1976 under Section 17 of the US Commodity Exchange Act. NFA is a non-profit, independent regulatory organization that does not operate any markets and is not a trade association. Section 17 of the US Commodity Exchange Act derived from the Chapter 3 of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Act of 1974, specifies the registration of futures association and the supervision of CFTC on registered futures association. NFA formal designation as a “registered futures association” was granted by the CFTC on September 22, 1981 and NFA began its regulatory operations on October 1, 1982.

As one of the world’s leading financial derivatives fintech company and retail broker, AMDEN Capital is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and it is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA). The company has expanded its businesses globally and will establish its Asia Pacific operation headquarters in Taiwan in 2019. Our core business since inception is to provide financial technology to other brokers and to handle system maintenance for brokers under our care. Our focus for the past few years was to gather enough data from traders to create a profitable trading methodology. By analyzing these data, we found out that most traders lose money over a period of 6 months and we can easily make profits from the markets by reverse trading their positions as long as the amount of data we collect is sufficient. AMDEN is committed to provide a stable and safe trading environment combined with the most professional financial services to investors globally.

To date, the company has serviced over 80 brokers and collected data of over 700000 traders globally and we plan to collect over 2million user data through “Project Pegasus”. Project Pegasus is the reason why we are venturing into the Asian market as we believe that gathering an additional 2million user data in Asia in 3 years is possible. Having 2million user data can help us reduce drawdown and amplify our returns on our AI reverse trading strategy. By hitting this 2million mark, we will also be able to take the next step to become a liquidity provider and lower the brokerage fees for the brokers we serve.

Under the lead of an experienced and excellent management team, AMDEN has been recognized internationally for its excellent quality of service. AMDEN is always astutely aware of the latest market dynamics, current and future trends, which forms the basis of protecting the interests of investors and the company alike. AMDEN has plans to become one of the most admired firms in the area of Fintech and our end goal is to setup a billion-dollar AUM hedge fund in 5 years.

AMDEN, big data to a better life!

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