Power2Manifest is empowering women by teaching them how to become a successful business owner

Power2Manifest is empowering women by teaching them how to become a successful business owner
The best time to start a side hustle is today!

Atlanta, USA – Power2Manifest is an online academy that is established by Chaketa Renee who intends to help women based in Georgia and across the globe by teaching them how to create custom shirts and cups using a Cricut machine so they can start their own business. Currently, Renee is offering one to one private lessons only. However, she plans to commence online classes in July. For a limited time, potential women can sign up to mailing list to get intro offer of $47 when online classes launch at power2manifest.com

Running a successful business depends a lot upon skills and product differentiation. In order to be champion at entrepreneurship, getting individual guidance can play a vital role. Learning how to make personalized items and how to make t-shirts can become an important source of income in the long run. In the words of Chakata Renee: Between working a job-job, children sports and activities, family time, husband time, social time with friends … oh yeah, I’m an empathetic introvert. Where does the time come into work on my business and be consistent? If you’re too busy to make time for money, money won’t make time for you. I am a Cricut Coach offering online and private lessons in Atlanta, Georgia. Two years ago I began my Cricut journey while homeschooling my children, and to complement my income by selling my projects on Etsy. During my journey, I studied countless videos to learn the best techniques. I made many mistakes however; I learned the greatest from them. I definitely learned quickly to measure twice and cut once. Through the minor missteps is the only way I perfected my craft. What I find most rewarding about being a Cricut creative is essentially seeing my concepts become tangible. Outside of added income, I truly enjoy this and find it fulfilling! I love to help other creatives use their ideas to create something marvelous.

Power2Manifest is a great platform to be associated with and can save potential business women 100s of hours that they would otherwise waste in learning how to successfully create wonderful designs and transfer them on products. The most critical step in making customized merchandise is vinyl cutting. A simple mistake can cost you all the time spent in printing or worse you can also ruin the product itself. To save oneself from such torments, getting hands-on learning experience with an expert coach is the best solution. Therefore, women are urged to make a quick decision and enroll in this truly amazing online course that can help them start their side income.

The online classes provide access to valuable resources including:

  • Instruction on Cricut software.
  • How to design graphics?
  • Where to find graphics?
  • How to cut apply vinyl?
  • How to make graphics shirts?
  • Access to watch videos 24/7.
  • Access to the private Facebook group for ongoing support.

About The Company:

Power2Manifest is an online learning resource that helps women start earning by learning to create and sell customized products.

Instagram: @power2maniest

Facebook: @power2manifest

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