5 Reasons Why E-Scooters Will Enhance German Cities

Following the passing of new regulations that now make e-scooters a viable transportation option in any scooter throughout Germany, we want to look at why this approval was such a victory for German cities, people, and environments, making the switch to a clean energy that won’t congest roads or cause greenhouse gas emission.

With these little companions available as early as July, here are 5 reasons why you should join in on the e-scooter movement:

  1. Clean Energy Recharging: Unlike cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks, e-scooters will get their “juice” from a charged battery. Simply plug the e-scooter into charging ports and zip your way to the next destination. As a result, the scooters do not require gas purchase or consumption, which has been directly linked to climate change as emissions are causing a “greenhouse effect” in our atmosphere.
  2. Younger People Can Get Around: The more readily available transportation for a country, the better. With e-scooters, people as young as 14 can use them to get to/from university, as well as jobs and other arrangements. This ease of movement will enhance German productivity and enable students to attend more classes, farther away, each day.
  3. Affordability Guaranteed: Unlike a car, e-scooters are affordable in nature. The first models will be worth anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand euro, which makes them a significantly cheaper option than cars that start at ten-thousand euro or greater. With more transportation accessibility, more people will be able to get to work in a timely fashion without relying on public transportation systems.
  4. E-Scooter Insurance is Available: For just 30 euro per year, e-scooter drivers will receive insurance that covers damage to third parties. This rate is significantly cheaper than auto insurance, and guarantees that those on e-scooters receive some kind of insured protection for their legitimacy and safety.
  5. Ease of Transportation: E-scooters are tiny in stature and nature, which is why drivers will be able to weave them in and out of sidewalks, streets, alleyways, and roads. Traffic and congestion is starting to make it difficult for workers to go to work in cities like Berlin and Munich, which is what e-scooters will solve. With the capability of traveling up to 40 kilometers in one charge, now users can get to/from work in a strategic manner that doesn’t cause traffic pile ups or accidents.

With the launch of German e-scooters, there will be a variety of models offered up through different companies. There is no obligation to wear a helmet at this time, although it is recommended in order to ensure the utmost safety out on the road. After years of testing, these technological tools are officially approved, safe, and accepted in German society.

If you’re ready to protect the environment, help with climate change, save money, and travel in and out of German regions in a swift and expedited manner, consider hopping onboard with an e-scooter, available next month.

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