N sg BEGGI Appeared at Alibaba E-Commerce Expo

N sg BEGGI Appeared at Alibaba E-Commerce Expo

BEGGI is a national nasal care brand giant of New Zealand. BEGGI appeared at this year’s Alibaba E-Commerce Expo on June 14. This New Zealand nasal care brand is famous in local which plans to join with Chinese e-commerce giants to open up the domestic market.

The reporter learned that as one of the largest e-commerce exposition in the Australia-New Zealand region, the Alibaba E-Commerce Expo has been successfully held three times in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia. This Exposition has also received extensive attention from media and industry at home and abroad. More than 100 Australian-New Zealand brands, cross-border trade distributors and service providers have been invited to participate. Thousands of local buyers, e-commerce practitioners, brand representatives and the general public attended the exhibition.

N sg BEGGI Appeared at Alibaba E-Commerce Expo

The two-day Expo attracted tens of thousands of participants, and the BEGGI also received high praise from the conference site. Unlike traditional canned products, BEGGI currently has two designs which are adult version and children version. They subvert people’s understanding of such products with a minimal appearance. “BEGGI not only smelling pleasant but it also easy to smear just like lipstick, safe and hygiene.” The online celebrity who join the conference is exclaiming: “Never mind to make themselves mess anymore!”

It is understood that BEGGI is mainly recommending Manuka Essential Oil Nose Cream, which contains the most popular Manuka Honey, Australian National Treasure Eucalyptus Essential Oil and five plant essential oils of natural bacteriostasis and sterilization. BEGGI can effectively eliminate nasal discomfort, rapid edema, lasting inhibition of bacterial surface, and then moisturize and nourish the nasal cavity to avoid the recurrence of nasal issues.

The CMO of BEGGI John expressed that BEGGI Pharmacy as a New Zealand local brand has full of confidence in opening up China’s market based on join with such a Chinese E-commerce giant like Alibaba.

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