2019 ADA Lawsuits Reach One-An-Hour Rate In Web Accessibility Related Cases

New York, NY UsableNet, a leading provider of Accessibility Technology and Services has revealed, via its 2019 Midyear ADA Web & App Accessibility Report, that Lawsuits have reached a rate of one-an-hour in 2019.

Even if that sounds like a lot it is only the starting point of the volume of companies being affected. In addition to the companies being listed on claims in federal court, there is a growing number of state filed lawsuits and demand letters sent directly to companies claiming harm and requesting compensation for damages.


Our new research reveals not just who is sued but how long the cases stay open before a settlement is made. The average case is open less than 60 days and the vast majority of companies settle and do not take the case into a protracted court process. Why?

In short, it is cheaper to settle than to defend.

Most companies are unaware of digital accessibility; some businesses even feel victimized when they receive a website accessibility claim. It is common for defendant lawyers, when their client have taken steps to allocate resources for digital accessibility, to recommend settling. The only real costs in an ADA lawsuit are the attorney fees (in some courts some small damages can be added). So, Counsel’s default recommendation is often to settle fast and then act fast to make the Website accessible in order to mitigate and defend future claims.

A free copy of the full report can be downloaded here.

The 2019 Midyear report covers new details on:

  • How many ADA Web Accessibility lawsuits have settled
  • How quickly lawsuits settle
  • Top industries to receive lawsuits and follow-on claims
  • Where affected companies are headquartered

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