Under Lucky Stars Offers Customers Personalized Gift Giving Option with Star Map

Under Lucky Stars Offers Customers Personalized Gift Giving Option with Star Map
Under Lucky Stars presents a personalized gift option that would satisfy expectations for a variety of occasions. The star map is comprised of the arrangement of the stars at the time and date of the customer’s choosing. Under Lucky Stars uses a variety of scientific databases to portray the most accuracy for this personalized gift.

When it comes to gift giving, one always wants to make the gift as special as possible. Whether the gift relates to the person’s interests, hobbies, or dreams, a gift is designed to excite the person receiving it. Luckily for gift givers, Under Lucky Stars is available to make the gift giving process even easier. Under Lucky Stars make star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars at a particular place and time chosen by the customer. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or wedding, the star map from Under Lucky Stars is the perfect gift to make someone happy.

In order to create the perfect gift of a star map, Under Lucky Stars utilize the greatest possible accuracy as possible. Under Lucky Stars utilizes the Bright Star Catalog from Yale University as a main source of celestial data along with various other astronomical databases. These databases contain galactic coordination of all the stars that are visible from Earth with the naked eye. Under Lucky Stars utilizes six high precision data points of over 9,000 stars to create the star map. Under Lucky Stars will also provide accuracy of the position of a star in the sky at a particular place and time on Earth by calculating the elevation of the star, which is based on the geolocation and time coordinates from the moment the customer is capturing. 

The star map from Under Lucky Stars features a projection of the visible sky with the cardinal directions indicated. The stars that are toward the edge of the star map were closer to the horizon during the chosen time and date while the stars found at the center were above one’s head. Each star’s size on the map is based on the apparent magnitude of the star. Under Lucky Stars also draws the visible constellations on the star map as an added feature for customers. The star map is also printed on high quality paper to further enhance the gift. Under Lucky Stars uses 240 GSM smooth fine art paper to encompass the high quality that they are striving for. For comparison purposes, most household printer paper is 90-100 GSM and other posters are 120-140 GSM.

Under Lucky Stars is in the business of creating personalized gifts. With every personalized gift, there is a personal story behind it. Due to this, Under Lucky Stars has asked their customers to share their star map stories with the company, and Under Lucky Stars takes pride in posting their favorite stories on their website. The stories and testimonials provided by the happy customers further support that the star map is the perfect gift to capture a perfect moment.

The best type of gift to give is one that is personalized and meaningful. With Under Lucky Stars’ star map, one can do just that. In order to find out more information or order one’s very own star map, visit Under Lucky Stars’ website today. Under Lucky Stars is headquartered at Calle de Serrano, 93, 28006 Madrid, Spain, and can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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