Universal Group TSL Coin Signed a Listing Agreement with LATOKEN, Global 9th Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Universal Group (Song Myung-Ho, Chairman of the Universal Group) has signed a listing contract with LATOKEN, the world’s 9th largest crypto-exchange, which has the world’s first bank transfer-speed and strong security features. LATOKEN is a major global crypto-currency exchange with a total trading volume of 510,754,376.10 USD in Russia and Singapore, and 9th in the world trading volume. It has 1 million members in 88 countries and providing Korean language services for Korean investors.

Currently, it sells about 50 kinds of crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH), as well as various altcoins. It is proved that the Universal Group is valued as a technology and a luxury featured coin globally, because it is listed on ATOKEN after I-DAX and Top BTC, which is famous as the having the trickiest coin listing-screening among the global crypto exchanges.

TSL Coin of Universal Group will be listed on 10 global crypto exchanges worldwide at 7:00 AM on April 30th, which is the first time in the world, to start trading in the United States, China, India, Russia and Singapore.

The Universal Group has been singed the listing contracts with the world’s No. 6 crypto exchange COINEAL, the world’s 9th crypto exchange LATOKEN, the world’s 10th largest crypto exchange IDAX, the world’s 11th largest crypto exchange SIMEX, and Top BTC (Top BTC) which is the world’s 12th largest crypto exchange.

The Universal Group donated KRW 10 million to through the National Disaster Relief Association to recover the latest Gangwon-do forest fire affected which made more than 800 victims. In addition, it helped 4,000 children’s lunches via World Vision, also donated 100 bags of cooked-rice for Gimcheon Gosiwon. Universal Group is the most social-contributing company in South Korea.

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