Stories App – New Blockchain Base App that Rewards User for Updating Stories

Stories App – Get Rewards by Updating Stories Blockchain base App

Stories App - Get Rewards by Updating Stories Blockchain base App

Stories we all love this new piece of content. Stories were first implemented by Snapchat and has since been a leading feature among top social media platforms. Followed by Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. but All this social network are actively monetize stories and making profits from user data & Content. unlike Snapchat Instagram and other networks. Stories App is Build on FOR.VISION’s eco-system where all element gets a fair share for their contribution in the network.

As User – the Content Creator or the Story owner will get rewards for their stories.

Stories can consist of individual photos, slideshows, videos, posts, etc. Users can choose to share their stories publicly or privately. This allows users to be carefree about sharing their own life while maintaining their privacy.

Stories App will give chance to millions of small micro-content creators to share the glimpses of their life with their Fans, friends, family and profit from them. Users Stories will be time sensitive. Unlike other Social networks, the story of the user not will be automatically be removed from the platform and users will be able to save or remove the story to their profile section.

As Viewer – the person who pays attention to user stories will get also get rewards as for their attention to advertisers or creator, if they choose to view ads on the platform.

As Advertiser – the person or the Busines can use the platform to reach the targeted audience who are actively watching stories and want to see ads.

As Platform – We will make sure that eco-system is working & making progress towards better Features & the vision we set for the new internet.

Stories App will be Stories platform that directly integrates into the FOR.VISION eco-system. As users share their stories via Stories App, users can be rewarded with FOR tokens based on their stories Views, like & engagement on the Platform.

Stories App is under development, according to Ravi Sanchala, CTO at FOR.VISION and Stories App – “Stories App will be available soon on both iPhone & Android platform, users can expect the beta version till the end of this year. our team is working aggressively on simplifying the User interface for a seamless experience.”

Stories App is set to change the entire space by implementing the blockchain into social media.

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